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Who can manufacture Ayurvedic medicine?

Ayurvedic medicine can be manufactured only by a firm/company having valid ayurvedic manufacturing license which is issued by state ayush department. So if you want to manufacture ayurvedic medicine then first you need to take ayurvedic manufacturing license and have to fulfill its requirement i.e. 1200 sq feet area, two technical person will be required - one for manufacturing and one as analytical chemist and will require machinery, product approval for the products you want to manufacture.  So, when you fulfill all formalities, after that you can start manufacturing of ayurvedic medicines. Want to know more about ayurvedic sector click here
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Which company is best for Ayurvedic medicine?

  If we talk about the best Ayurvedic companies, then there are some big names in Ayurvedic medicine like Dabur, Baidyanath, Himalaya, Patanjali, Hamdard etc. If we talk about the growing companies, then Elzac Herbal India is also growing very well. They have very good medicines, you will get effective medicine there, , so these are some top companies which have the best Ayurvedic medicines.

Four Non avoidable things to consider before starting franchise of Ayurvedic Company!

When you look to start a Ayurvedic franchise distribution of an Ayurvedic Company , you should care about some important points that will decide your future in ayurvedic marketing. If you are new to work or are looking for a franchise company for the first time, it is very important that you select the company very carefully for marketing. Those who are already working in ayurvedic franchise marketing know what are the qualities that should be in a ayurvedic franchise company . Today's era is service-oriented, the market has also become service-dependent. Only those who give good service can survive in the crowd of companies. There are many companies in this crowd who only know how to sell the product, they do not have anything to do with the difficulties of the their franchisees. That's why before joining any company, make sure that company don't have common issues like shortage of products or promotional inputs etc. If you start and later find out that you are not getting

Online platforms - Amazon/Tata 1 mg: Listing fees, margins, logistic support

Query: We would like to understand the complete details of listing of Ayurveda products on online platform/ market places like Amazon/ Flipkart/ Pharmeasy / Apollo pharmacy/ Netmeds / Tata 1 mg etc. Please also mention the listing fees charged, margin per unit sales, logistic support provided and other formalities. Response: Most of the platforms you mention above don't charge any listing fee. Out of these, at Amazon/ Flipkart/ Tata 1 mg , we sell our own ayurvedic products online along with our Ayurvedic D2C website . They charge a fee and margin from products sold through their portal. That is in the range of approximately 20 to 30% at selling rate. All provide logistic support. Parcel will be picked up from your location. Common formalities include GST number Pan number Products details including images, mrp, selling rates etc. Any other license that is applicable i.e. drug license, fssai etc Cancelled cheque etc

What license and conditions need for Tooth paste?

Query: I want to start a manufacturing unit of tooth paste in herbal formulations . What license and conditions need for this? Response: You will require either a cosmetic manufacturing license or ayush manufacturing license ...

Women Sure 10*10 Capsules : Useful in Female Related Problems

Women Sure 10*10 Capsules Ingredients: Each Hard Gelatin capsule contains Extract Derived from Ashoka (Saraca Indica) Bark                         400 mg Lodhra (Symplocos Recemosa) Bark         125 mg Gajar (Daucuc Carota) Seeds                      300 mg Papaya (Carica Papaya) Seeds                    50 mg Mooli (Raphanus Sativus) Seeds                50 mg Hungu (Ferula Asfoetida) Niryas                30 mg Saubhagya Sunthi                                          25 mg Trikatu                                                              25 mg Kumari (Aloe Indica) Leaf                            20 mg Indications: Useful in female related problems i.e. Uterine Tonic, Dysmenorrhoea, Menorrhagia, Leucorrhoea, Menopausal syndrome, PCOS etc Ashoka (Saraca Indica): Ashoka helps to manage various gynaecological and menstrual problems in women such as heavy, irregular and painful periods.  Ashoka shows a good result in leucorrhoea because of its astringen

Selling of self made Ayurvedic medicines

Query:  I am a BAMS doctor. I plan for start a home based online consulting-Telemedicine- clinic. Service includes: consultation, medicine prescription, medicine supply(using courier service), Medicines included: Branded medicines(mostly internal medicine), repacked medicines(powders), own made(hair oil, serum, cream, diffusing oils using essential oils) Our queries are 1. Can I sell my own made products(hair oil, body scrub, cream, soap etc.) to our patients?(not selling it on amazon like market), in your previous some article I read that ayurvedic doctor can give his own made medicines irrelevant to which state in India he belongs, does the word GIVE and SELL have same meaning here?(Give- without getting paid, sell-getting paid) 2. Do I need to have a commercial space or can I register it with our home address. 3. What are all the licenses and permissions required for starting the business?.  Response:  A BAMS doctor can only make ayurvedic medicines for his/her patients. You can s

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