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Diabazac Syrup - Ayurvedic blood sugar control Medicine | Promote insulin sensitivity

Diabazac is an Ayurvedic syrup that is used to manage diabetes. It is made with a blend of seven herbs, including neem, karela, jamun, gudmar, chirayta, tulsi, and bel patta. These herbs have been shown to support healthy blood sugar levels, promote insulin sensitivity, and aid in weight management. Diabazac is also easy to incorporate into your daily routine, as it comes in a liquid form. Diabazac Syrup also helps with digestion and liver function. It is also easy to incorporate into your daily routine, as it comes in a liquid form. Key features of Diabazac: Made with a blend of seven Ayurvedic herbs Supports healthy blood sugar levels Promotes insulin sensitivity Aids in weight management Easy to incorporate into your daily routine Benefits of Diabazac: Supports healthy blood sugar levels Promotes insulin sensitivity Aids in weight management Enhances digestion and liver function Easy to incorporate into your daily routine List of the seven herbs and their purported benefits: Neem: B

How to sell Herbal Supplements Online and Offline?

Herbal Supplements: Herbal Supplements are the products those are manufactured from herbs, plants and their parts or their produced, and used for certain types of health conditions like weakness, nutrition deficiency and other conditions. Herbal Supplement's market estimated value was at US$ 70 Bn in 2020 and Herbal Supplements Market to Reach US$ 191.7 Bn, Globally, by 2030 at 10.6% CAGR. Types of Herbal Supplements: ASU (Ayurvedic, Siddha, Unani) Herbal Supplements Herbal Food Supplements ASU Herbal Supplements: These are the supplements that are manufactured under ASU manufacturing license and can be claimed as alternative medicine. Herbal Food Supplements: These are the supplements that are manufactured as Food and can't claim as medicines but a food product or supplement. If you want to buy or purchase herbal supplements visit here How to sell Herbal Supplements? Herbal supplements are generally sold under above two categories.  ASU Herbal supplement and Herbal Food Supple

Do I need a license to sell herbal tea?

Herbal Tea is fall under Food Products and regulated under Food Act. For manufacturing, distribution, retail and sale of Herbal Tea, you need to have FSSAI license or registration. So, to sell herbal tea, you need to have FSSAI license or registration for it. Registration and License is turnover based. According to turnover, you need to apply for registration or state license or central license. Check procedure and formalities for taking fssai registration and license here Hope above information is helpful to you... For any query and suggestion, mail us at Keywords: how to start herbal tea business, do i need a license to sell herbal tea, license required for tea business, do i need a food permit to sell tea, licence to sell tea and coffee, do i need a license to sell tea online, selling tea regulations, license and permission for tea, fssai license for tea, herbal tea license

Do you need a license to sell Herbal Supplements?

Herbals supplements are generally manufactured two categories: Under FSSAI License Under ASU (Ayurvedic, Siddha and Unani) manufacturing license Whether you will require license to sell herbal supplement or not, it will depend at in which category your herbal supplement is manufactured. If a herbal supplement is manufactured under FSSAI license then you will require FSSAI registration or license for selling it but if a herbal supplement is manufactured under ASU manufacturing license then you won't require to have any license for selling it.  If you want to sell herbal supplements online then for both food herbal supplement and ASU herbal supplement, you may require FSSAI license or registration because for ASU products also, some e-commerce websites ask for FSSAI license or registration. Check out :  License for distribution and selling of Food Supplements How to Start Ayurvedic Wholesale and Distribution Business? How to sell Ayurvedic Medicines Online? How to Open Ayurvedic Med

How to sell homemade cosmetics in India

Cosmetics are regulated in India under Drug and Cosmetic Act & Rules . For preparation and manufacturing of Cosmetic products in India, there is requirement of cosmetic manufacturing license . Under the Drug and Cosmetic Act, no person is allowable to manufacture or make cosmetics at home or anywhere without having a cosmetic manufacturing license. So, no one can prepare homemade cosmetic products with manufacturing license. So, if you want to sell cosmetic products then you need to either take cosmetic manufacturing license or get manufactured cosmetic products from cosmetic manufactured having a manufacturing license at your brand name and your marketed by name. After manufacturing of cosmetic products, you can sell it. Selling and Marketing of cosmetics are same as of ayurvedic medicines. For detail check out: How to sell Cosmetic Products in India? Hope above information is helpful to you... keywords: cosmetics license india, permission and licenses required to sell homemade c

Where to sell Medicinal Plants in India?

Due to increase in demand of alternative medicines like Ayurvedic, Unani, Siddha and other medicinal systems, there is increase in demand of medicinal plants. In this article, we will discuss about where you can sell medicinal plants and earn money by selling medicinal plants, herbs and spices. To know where you can sell medicinal plants, first we need to find out who are the consumers of medicinal plants. Medicinal plants are used by following consumers: Ayurvedic, Siddha and Unani Medicine Manufacturers Food Supplements Manufacturers Cosmetic Manufacturers Pnasari and Herbs suppliers Herbal Extract Manufacturers and Suppliers Alternative Medicine Practitioners those prepare own medicines If you have crop or bulk quantity of medicinal plants then you can contact either from above mentioned persons or companies. They have huge number of consumption related to medicinal plants because there business is dependent at herbal preparations having medicinal plants. Other than above consumer

Documents required for Nutraceutical and Proprietary Food FSSAI Central License

NUTRACEUTICALS 1. Blueprint/layout plan of the processing unit showing the dimensions in meters/square meters and operation-wise area allocation (mandatory for manufacturing and processing units only) 2. List of Directors with full address and contact details (mandatory for companies only) 3. Name and List of Equipment's and Machinery along with the number, installed capacity and horse power used 4. Analysis report (Chemical & Bacteriological) of water to be used as ingredient in food from a recognized/ public health laboratory to confirm the potable 5. Upload Production unit photograph 6. Photo I.D and address proof issued by Government authority of Proprietor/Partner/Director(s)/Authorized Signatory. . 7. Proof of possession of premises. (Sale deed/ Rent agreement/ Electricity bill, etc.) . 8. Partnership Deed/Self Declaration for Proprietorship/Memorandum & Articles of Association towards the constitution of the firm 9. Form IX: Nomination of Persons by a Company along w

Marketing Strategy for Ayurvedic Products

When we talk about marketing strategy for Ayurvedic Products, first we need to understand the ayush rules and regulations in India. Most of persons are now a days are interested ayurvedic products online due to its high demand but other than online there are many ways you can market your ayurvedic products. AYUSH Rules and Regulations: AYUSH is a term used for describing Ayurvedic, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Sowa-Rigpa and Homeopathic systems of medicines. Generally for Homeopathic products, rules and regulations are strict and required license for every business type e.g. manufacturing, distribution and retailing. But for Ayurvedic, Siddha and Unani medicines, there is requirement of license for manufacturing of these medicines only but for distribution, retail and sale, there is no requirement of license for these. Sometime some online portals may ask for FSSAI license from you to sell online ayurvedic medicines online . Pre-Marketing Strategy: Before marketing of your a

Best Ayurvedic Business to Start in 2021

 Ayurvedic Start is a vast sector and it is one of the fastest growing sector. Expansion of Ayurveda sector and increasing demand of ayurvedic products are creating new business opportunities for aspiring persons. Here we are going to discuss about best business opportunity in Ayurvedic industry at present. First have a look at some business opportunities in Ayurvedic Industry. Ayurvedic Manufacturing Business Ayurvedic Marketing Business Ayurvedic Distribution Business Ayurvedic Retail Business Ayurvedic Online Selling Business Ayurvedic Franchise Business From above these business opportunities online selling of Ayurvedic Medicines are one of the best Ayurvedic Business Idea.  How you can start selling Ayurvedic Medicine Online? For selling Ayurvedic Medicines online, you will require to have following things: Website/App FSSAI Number (Some online portals ask for it) GST Number Courier/Logistic Partner Website/App: You can get developed your own website/app or you can list your wit

Ayurvedic Products for Distributorship

  Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicines Ayurvedic Liquid and Syrups Sr Products Packing MRP 1 Immunity Booster Kwath 225 ml 155 2 Ayurvedic Alkaliser Syrup useful in Stone Disorders, Dysuria, Burning Micturition, Crystalluria, Renal Calcui etc. 200 Ml. 115 3 Antacid and Antiflatulent Syrup useful in heartburn, Dyspepsia, Anorexia & Flatulence etc 200 ml 115 4 Ayurvedic Cough Syrup with strong Formula 100 ml 70 5 Ayurvedic Cough Syrup with strong Formula 450 ml 210 6 Ayurvedic Blood Purifier Syrup useful in Pimples, Boil abscess, itching, and allied skin complaints due to blood impurity etc. 200 Ml. 125 7 Enzyme and Digestive Syrup useful i


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