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Chameli (Jasminum officinale): Exploring the Medicinal and Traditional Uses of an Enchanting Flower

Introduction: Chameli, scientifically known as Jasminum officinale, is a captivating and fragrant flowering plant that has enchanted people for centuries. Known by various names across different cultures, Chameli holds significant historical and contemporary importance. In this article, we will delve into the world of Chameli, exploring its remarkable characteristics, diverse uses, and cultivation techniques. Whether you are an avid gardener, a fragrance enthusiast, or simply curious about the wonders of nature, join us on this journey to discover the allure of Chameli and unravel its secrets. Description and Characteristics: Chameli, or Jasminum officinale, is a visually striking flowering plant with a graceful and elegant presence. It typically grows as a deciduous or semi-evergreen vine, though it can also be cultivated as a shrub. The size of Chameli varies depending on its growing conditions, but it can reach heights of 10 to 15 feet (3 to 4.5 meters) or even more in optimal

Is Ayurvedic Medicine System Scientific?

  Today I will talk about whether Ayurvedic medicine is scientific or unscientific, I do not want to get into any kind of debate but I believe that I am one of those few people who understand their self-capable to answer this question. Actually, my education is from allopathy D. Pharmacy plus B. Pharmacy i.e. I am an allopathic pharmacist and after that I have worked in allopathic medicine for 7-8 years in its administration and marketing after that I started my ayurvedic start up . It was not because I had a lot of love for ayurvedic or something, it was because it was very easy to start up in ayurvedic and it can be started at low budget and its demand were increasing and the competition was more in allopathic and in ayurvedic there was slightly less and that way was easy. So, I got great help and I started my ayurvedic start-up, now I have spent lot of years in ayurvedic medicine business my start up too So, I have experienced of both, because of this I feel that I am a little co

Can we make ayurvedic medicines at home?

Today we will talk about whether you can sell Ayurvedic medicine by making at home or you can make or not make Home Made Ayurvedic Medicine or Homemade Ayurvedic Products. As per the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, if you are manufacturing ayurvedic medicines. If we take Ayurvedic Medicine in broad term then Ayurvedic Unani and Siddha Medicines also includes and If you want to make any of these medicines , then before making it, you must have a valid Ayurvedic Unani or Siddha Manufacturing License and the product you are going to make, you should also have approval of it. First you should have an ayush manufacturing license and with the manufacturing license, the product you want to make, you should also have the approval from Ayush department. What ingredient you are using, for which indication you are using then according to that you need to take the approval of that product as well. When you have a manufacturing license and that product will be approved. Only after that you can make th

How to start Nutraceutical Business? (Distribution and Marketing)? Difference between Pharma and Nutraceuticals

Hello guys, I am Ajay Kamboj and today we will talk that if you want to sell nutraceutical products or food supplement products or you want to do marketing, then how you can start marketing company or distribution of food supplements or dietary supplements or nutraceuticals and what are the licenses required for it. We will discuss about it here Actually, the pharmaceutical sector is a vast sector. There are many industries that are mixed in it. it's hard enough to make them divide and differentiate. If we look at the product list of any pharmaceutical company, then 40%, 30% or more products will be there which are not pharmaceutical, they fall in the category of dietary supplements, food supplements or nutraceutical and for these you will not need to have any license related to pharmaceutical . These products are manufactured at different way, for their distribution also, you will require different type of license so for those you should not have a pharma related drug

Do we require drug license for cosmetic marketing brands?

Hey guys I am Ajay Kamboj and today I have come with a new query. Query is something like that I want to get manufactured some of my cosmetic product under my brand name so, will I need drug license for that or any kind of license will I need? If we talk about cosmetics then same thing of ayurvedic products is applicable here also. When you want to start manufacturing of cosmetic, want to set-up cosmetic plant then you need to take a license from the State drug Authority. So, you will need a manufacturing license for manufacturingcosmetics but when you go to sell cosmetics , you deal in sale purchase of cosmetics, then you do not need any license related to drugs or any kind of license. So, if you want to launch your cosmetic brand in your brand name and want to get manufactured from other cosmetic manufacturers then you do not need to have license related to drugs. You can get manufactured these without drug license and sell in market. You can promote and you can advertise

What type of license is required to register ayurvedic products at amazon, flipcart?

  Hello Guys I am Ajay Kamboj and today we will talk about such a problem which is mostly facing by all those people who want to sell Ayurvedic medicine online What actually happens is that we have talked many times that whenever If we go to sell Ayurvedic medicine , then we do not need any kind of license and if we talk properly then there is no license for sale or purchase for Ayurvedic medicine. No Ayush license would and would not have any need of AYUSH license because Ayush don't have license for sale and purchase. Only when we do manufacture Ayurvedic medicine we require totake ayurvedic manufacturing license for manufacturing of ayurvedic medicine . For ayurvedic distribution , ayurvedic retail , ayurvedic marketing company , no license is required But what is most common problem is faced by is that all the online portals, whether it is Amazon, Flipkart or anyone, whenever you go to get your product listed or register on them, then they ask to upload ayush license or F


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