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Ayurvedic Medicine Company

Diabazac Syrup - Ayurvedic blood sugar control Medicine | Promote insulin sensitivity

Diabazac is an Ayurvedic syrup that is used to manage diabetes. It is made with a blend of seven herbs, including neem, karela, jamun, gudmar, chirayta, tulsi, and bel patta. These herbs have been shown to support healthy blood sugar levels, promote insulin sensitivity, and aid in weight management. Diabazac is also easy to incorporate into your daily routine, as it comes in a liquid form. Diabazac Syrup also helps with digestion and liver function. It is also easy to incorporate into your daily routine, as it comes in a liquid form. Key features of Diabazac: Made with a blend of seven Ayurvedic herbs Supports healthy blood sugar levels Promotes insulin sensitivity Aids in weight management Easy to incorporate into your daily routine Benefits of Diabazac: Supports healthy blood sugar levels Promotes insulin sensitivity Aids in weight management Enhances digestion and liver function Easy to incorporate into your daily routine List of the seven herbs and their purported benefits: Neem: B

Pharma Export (Ayurvedic & Neutraceutical Products)

Query: We've been following your youtube videos since a long time and I must say they're really helpful in creating awareness about the pharma industry. We have been manufacturing/selling products since 1999 on third party manufacturing basis. We wish to enter the export sector targeting countries with good scope for our select Ayurvedic & Neutraceutical products. It would be great if you could guide me over these few questions: 1) Does Ayurvedic export follow the same guidelines as allopathic drugs? 2) What Licenses are required for exporting ayurvedic products to other countries? 3) Does USFDA has any prohibition for import of ayurvedic drugs? 4) Finding business through alibaba/Indiamart would be beneficial or should we keep direct approach and find probable buyers. Buying gold membership on alibaba is an expensive affair so what could be a proper way to start off (sharing marketing brochures, samples etc) 5) Should we hire an agent for all code requirements

How to start Ayurvedic Cosmetic Manufacturing Company?

Query: My wife is Ayurvedic doctor and recently started Ayurvedic cosmetic production at small scale which I want to increase to a small company nearby my place. We actually started making face wash. Hair oil, face pack, shampoo etc. Which licence do I need to apply? (As it's not medicine n its Ayurvedic cosmetic products) Response: A BAMS doctor can manufacture any ayurvedic preparation for his/her own patients without requirement of any manufacturing license. But if he/she wants to commercialize these preparations and want to sell and market these preparations through distribution channel then they require taking Ayurvedic manufacturing license for it whether these are Ayurvedic medicines or Ayurvedic Cosmetic preparations. For manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicines or ayurvedic cosmetic, you will require Ayurvedic manufacturing license for it. Whether you are starting small scale or large scale, you are manufacturing ayurvedic medicines or ayurvedic cosmetic, you will require

Ayurvedic Market 2020: Contract Manufacturing Price, Global Sales, Gross Margin, OTC market, Market Analysis and Global Industry Forecast To 2024

Ayurvedic Sector is one of the most trending healthcare Industry. Daily new key players are emerging and big names are creating history. Ayurvedic Market Report 2020 provides a complete insight of future trends in healthcare sector, products that going to change market, high growing area, high growing areas, and market drivers. The Ayurvedic Market report is categorized into various segments i.e. market size, and their growth aspects together with growth trends, numerous stakeholders like investors, CEOs, traders, suppliers, analysis & media, international Manager, Director, President, SWOT analysis i.e. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat to the organization and others. This report focuses on Professional Ayurvedic Market 2012-2024 volume and value at global level, regional level and company level. Top most List manufacturers/ Key player/ Economy by business Leaders Leading Players of Ayurvedic Market Are: Patanjali Ayurved Limited Dabur Emami Group Himalaya Dr

List of Documents required for application for WHO-GMP/CoPP for Ayurvedic, Siddha and Unani Herbal Drug

For exporting Ayurvedic, Siddha and Unani medicines , importing country ask for CoPP for registration of product in its country. CoPP will be issued by Drug Control Cell, Ministry of AYUSH. Important Links:  How to Start Ayurvedic Manufacturing Company? How to Start Ayurvedic Marketing Company?  How to Export Ayurvedic Medicines? How to find export clients and distributors in other countries for your products?  List of Documents: 1. Application for: WHO-GMP certification & issuance of COPP. 2. Name of the applicant with address, telephone, fax, e-mail etc. 3. Copy of Manufacturing Licence. 4. List of approved products. 5. List of products for which the firm has valid CoPP. (Applicable for revalidation of CoPP) 6. List of products applied for issuance of COPP & their composition. 7. Site Master file (as specified under WHO TRS 823). 8. Data on Finished Formulation: 8.01 Master manufacturing formula , manufacturing process. 8.02 Finished product specification

How to choose name for an Ayurvedic Pharmacy?

Query: Need to start an ayurveda pharmacy. I need a good name for firm as well good suggestions Response: Requirement for starting Ayurvedic pharmacy, you can read at our articles: How to Start Ayurvedic Marketing Pharmacy? How to Start Ayurvedic Manufacturing Pharmacy? Now we will discuss about choosing a good name for your ayurvedic Pharmacy. Choosing a good name is not an easy task as its feel. It’s a difficult work. It may take couple of days, weeks or months to find out a good name that don’t resemble to any other existing brand or company. Steps for Choosing a Good Name for Ayurvedic Pharmacy: You can follow following steps to find a good name for your Ayurvedic Pharmacy . 1. Make a list of common words and write down words that you like most e.g. Moon, Sun, Plant, Tree or any spiritual words if you want to choose spiritual name. 2. Choose some initial letters from words you write above like take M/O from Moon, S/U/N from Sun, P/L/T from Plant etc. Suppose


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Ayurvedic Medicine Company

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