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Ayurvedic Medicine Company

Diabazac Syrup - Ayurvedic blood sugar control Medicine | Promote insulin sensitivity

Diabazac is an Ayurvedic syrup that is used to manage diabetes. It is made with a blend of seven herbs, including neem, karela, jamun, gudmar, chirayta, tulsi, and bel patta. These herbs have been shown to support healthy blood sugar levels, promote insulin sensitivity, and aid in weight management. Diabazac is also easy to incorporate into your daily routine, as it comes in a liquid form. Diabazac Syrup also helps with digestion and liver function. It is also easy to incorporate into your daily routine, as it comes in a liquid form. Key features of Diabazac: Made with a blend of seven Ayurvedic herbs Supports healthy blood sugar levels Promotes insulin sensitivity Aids in weight management Easy to incorporate into your daily routine Benefits of Diabazac: Supports healthy blood sugar levels Promotes insulin sensitivity Aids in weight management Enhances digestion and liver function Easy to incorporate into your daily routine List of the seven herbs and their purported benefits: Neem: B

How to register Ayurvedic medicines by ayurvedic marketing company?

When a person thinks to start own ayurvedic medicine Company then the first thing, he/she encountered how he/she can register his/her own ayurvedic medicine products and their brand name. This is most asked question by our readers when we discuss about starting an ayurvedic medicine company specially ayurvedic marketing company . In this article, we will understand, How we can launch an ayurvedic medicine product?  Who is responsible for registration of ayurvedic medicine products?  Can a marketing company register own ayurvedic medicine products?  Where can we register our product etc  Most of person being confused when come to product registration in ayurvedic sector. Let us clear the facts. First you need to know that ayurvedic medicine marketing company has no role in ayurvedic medicine registration. It’s totally responsibility of Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing company unless you don’t have loan licensing . Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing company may charge from ma

List of Machinery required starting Ayurvedic (including siddha) Manufacturing Unit (Sectionwise)

Read Previous: Minimum Area Required for Starting Ayurvedic (Including Siddha) Manufacturing Unit One machine indicated for one category of medicine could be used for the manufacturing of other category of medicine also. Similarly some of the manufacturing areas like powdering, furnace, packing of liquids and Avaleha, Paks, could also be shared for these items. Anjana/Pisti: Karel/mechanized/motorized  Karel  End runner/Ball-Mill  Sieves/Shifter  Churna / Nasya/ Manjan/Lepa/ Kwath Churn: Grinder/disintegrator  Pulveriser  Powder mixer  Sieves/shifter  Pills/Vati /Gutika Matirai and tablets: Ball Mill  Mass mixer/powder mixer  Granulator  Drier  Tablet compressing machine  Pill/vati cutting machine  Stainless steel trays/container for storage and sugar coating  Polishing pan in case of sugar-coated tablets  Mechanised chattoo (for mixing guggulu) where required  Kupi pakava/Ksara/ Parpati/LavanaBhasm a Satva/Sindura Karpu/ Uppu / Param: Bhatti  Karahi

Minimum Area Required for Starting Ayurvedic Manufacturing Unit

In our previous articles, we have discussed about licenses, documents, qualifications etc to start ayurvedic manufacturing unit. Have a look at some previous related articles if you didn’t go through them. Qualification required for starting Ayurvedic Manufacturing Unit How to start Ayurvedic Marketing Company? How to start Ayurvedic Manufacturing Unit/Company? (Also Covers Unani and Siddha Medicines Manufacturing In this article, we will discuss about minimum area required for starting ayurvedic manufacturing company. The factory premises for ayurvedic manufacturing company should be suited at hygiene place and constructed to avoid contamination from outside environment. It should be constructed with concrete roof and cemented walls. It should have adequate space for conducting day to day activities like: Receiving and storing raw material  Manufacturing process area  Quality Control section  Finished goods store  Office  Rejected goods/drug store  Minimum Cover

Qualification required for starting Ayurvedic Manufacturing Unit

Ayurvedic Sector is one the hot choice for starting business in recent time. It is growing with high speed. Documents and procedure for starting ayurvedic manufacturing company, we have discussed in our article: How to Start Ayurvedic Manufacturing Company? In this article, we will discuss about qualification required to start ayurvedic manufacturing unit. For being owner of ayurvedic manufacturing company, there is no qualification required but there is requirement of technical persons for smooth and efficiently running of ayurvedic manufacturing company . Documents and qualification of these competent technical persons will be submitted along with application form while applying for manufacturing license. Either owner could have required qualification or he/she has to hire staff having required qualification. Without competent technical staff, no ayurvedic manufacturing license is issued. There are two type of technical persons are required for starting ayurvedic manufacturing

List of Ayurvedic and Herbal products manufacturer in India

This article will cover list of herbal products manufacturers in india, herbal products online, list of unani companies in india, top 10 ayurvedic companies in india 2019, herbal products manufacturers in delhi/ncr, ayurvedic products marketing companies, ayurvedic franchise company in India etc. Services provides by these companies includes Contract manufacturing, third party manufacturing, ayurvedic products distribution, herbal products distribution, business opportunity in herbal and ayurvedic sectors i.e. dealership, ayurvedic franchise, stockistship, outlet, wholesale supply, carrying and forwarding agent (CNF) etc. List of Best Ayurvedic and herbal product manufacturers in India Elzac Herbal India  Cazle Ayurveda  Raston Ayurveda  Vatson Remedies  Sukhija Ayurvedic Pharmacy  KR Laboratories  Elzac Herbal India: Visit Website Elzac Herbals is a well known and trusted name in Ayurvedic and Herbal market. Elzac provides best services along with best natural Ayurv


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Ayurvedic Medicine Company

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