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Sales License for Ayurvedic, Siddha and Unani Medicines

We Files RTI request to ministry of AYUSH regarding sales license for ayurvedic, siddha and unani medicines. Download RTI Pdf file by clicking here Here what reply we get: - Query we sent: Dear Sir, I want to clarify that is there any type of drug license required to sale, purchase, retail and distribution of ASU (Ayurvedic, Siddha and Unani) Medicines ? Thanks Reply we received from Department: Dear Sir, I am to refer to your Request for information under RTI Act, 2005, received vide letter dated 20.10.2021 and to say that the information sought by you is not available with the Ministry of AYUSH. Rule, 154 & Rule, 157 of Drugs & Cosmetics Rules, 1945 provides the guidelines for license to manufacture for sale of Ayurvedic (including Siddha) and Unani drugs and Rule 158(B) provides Guidelines for issue of license with respect to Ayurveda, Siddha or Unani drugs under section 3(a) & 3(h) (ii) of Drugs & Cosmetics Act 1940 and enforcement of these legal provisions of the D
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Establishing distribution channel for Ayurvedic medicines

Query: Thank you for your very informative blog. We have started an Ayurvedic products manufacturing business based in Kerala and have 8 products currently.  We are trying to build a distribution channel in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Is there a portal where we can find the C&F agent, stockiest and distributors? Appreciate any advice that you can provide. Thank you Response: You can list your ayurvedic business at our B2B portal and start getting leads related to your business. About Pharma Franchise Help Business2Business (B2B) Portal. Pharma Franchise Help is one of the top Pharma Business b2b portal in world. Pharma Franchise Help is a common portal for all business needs of Pharmaceutical Sector, Cosmetic Industry, Ayurvedic, Unani & Siddha Businesses along with Homoeopathic and other alternative medicine businesses, and much more. Register your business for free queries and Fulfill your need

Four things to know before Setting-up Nutraceutical Marketing company

Query: I was going through the information shared by you online for the start up of nutraceutical marketing company ,its really very useful. I need to know few more details like 1) Apart from the FSSAI license , any other license requirement to sale the product through out India . 2) Do u need C&F or wholesaler license.....if yes how'd I get? 3) Do we need any NOC from state health authorities to launch the product in particular state. 4) Do I need to appoint distributor to market the product in particular state Response: 1. For selling nutraceutical products, you will require to have a fssai license and gst Number. Other than fssai license, you will not require any other license. 2. You can include a wholesale and distribution license in your fssai marketing license. So, you can distribute nutraceuticals also. 3. You won't need state wise noc for launching your products. Your  nutraceutical manufacturer  needs approval of any product from fssai authority before manufact

Shelf life or date of expiry of Ayurvedic Medicines, Siddha Medicine and Unani Medicines

Shelf life or date of expiry of Ayurvedic Medicines, Siddha Medicine and Unani Medicines Ayurvedic Medicines S. No. | Dosage form | Shelf life or date of expiry with effect from the date of manufacture  (i) Anjana  a) Anjana made from Kasthaushadhi 1 year  b) Anjana made from Kasthaushadhi along with Rasa/Uprasa/Bhasma 2 years  c) Anjana made only from Rasa/Uprasa/Bhasma 3 years  (ii) Arka 1 year  (iii) Asava Arista 10 years  (iv) Avaleha, Khanda, Paka, Guda 3 years  (v) Churna , Kwatha Churna, Lepa Churna, Danta Manjan (Churna) 2 years  (vi) Dhoopan 2 years  (vii) Dravaka, Lavana, Kshara 5 years  (viii) Ghrita 2 years  (ix) Guggulu 5 years  (x) Gutika/Vati (I) Gutika or Vati containing Kasthaushadhi along with Rasa / Uprasa/ Bhasma/ Guggulu (including Lepa Gutika and GhanVati) 5 years (II) Gutika or Vati containing only Kasthaushadhi (including Lepa Gutika and Ghan Vati) 3 years (III) Gutika / Vati containing only Ras / Uprasa / Bhasma 10 years except Naga, Vanga and Tamra Bhasma  (x

What are the Herbal Medicines, Herbs, Herbal Materials amd Herbal Preparations?

Herbal medicines: Herbal Medicines include herbs, herbal materials, herbal preparations and finished herbal products that have medicinal value.  Check out list of Herbal medicines here Herbs: Herbs include crude plant material such as leaves, flowers, fruit, seeds, stems, wood, bark, roots, rhizomes or other plant parts, which may be entire, fragmented or powdered. Herbal materials: Herbal materials are either whole plants or parts of medicinal plants in the crude state. They include herbs, fresh juices, gums, fixed oils, essential oils, resins and dry powders of herbs. In some countries, these materials may be processed by various local procedures, such as steaming, roasting, or stir baking with honey, alcoholic beverages or other materials.  Herbal preparations: Herbal preparations are the basis for finished herbal products and may include comminuted or powdered herbal materials, or extracts, tinctures and fatty oils, expressed juices and processed exudates of herbal materials. They

Best site for online ayurvedic medicine

 Ayurvedic Medicines are becoming popular now a days and demand of ayurvedic products are booming. In era of internet, everyone want to purchase all products online included ayurvedic medicines. But in online space, one of the main problem faced by customers is authenticity and quality of ayurvedic medicines. There are lot of self claimed vaid/hakeem those try to manipulate customers and sell high mrp products without any authenticity and quality. There are also number of online seller who sell inferior products and products that aren't manufactured under a valid ayurvedic manufacturing license . Trust and authenticity is one of the greatest problem an online customer is facing now a days. Here we are describing best online site for purchasing ayurvedic medicines. Elzac Herbal India is one of the most trusted name and leading brand in Ayurvedic Industry. Elzac Herbals generally selling their products by appointing distributors across India but due to problem faced by customers rega

Advise on opening of cosmetic and ayurvedic shop

Query: Dear sir, I want start my business with cosmetic items and ayurvedic medicines Please advise this business can be started online too. I got an small shop in main market city plaza. Need your help on subject to start this business under MSME scheme aided by government also. Response: Yes Sir, You can start your cosmetic items and ayurvedic medicines business online by taking gst number. MSME scheme is particular for small and medium size manufacturing enterprises but under certain circumstances you can also apply.  But you shouldn't be dependent only on government aid. You need to start it at your own basis. Check out:  How to start cosmetic products and ayurvedic medicine store? How to sell cosmetic products and ayurvedic medicine online?
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