Guidance for Setting up Ayurvedic Manufacturing Unit

I am from Maharashtra and I want to setup ayurvedic medicine manufacturing unit, I have land at MIDC, can you please guide us regarding the same
For setting up an Ayurvedic manufacturing unit you need to have completed all formalities that are required to start for an Ayurvedic manufacturing unit. Ayurvedic manufacturing license is covered under drug and cosmetic act & rule.
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How to start Ayurvedic Manufacturing Unit/Company? (Also Covered Unani and Siddha Systems of Medicines)How to Start Ayurvedic/Herbal/Unani/Siddha Business, Marketing, Pharmacy, Panchakarma center and Manufacturing Company ?

How to start Homoeopathic Medicines Distribution and retail Business?

License RequiredA license to sell, stock or exhibit or offer for sale or distribute Homoeopathic medicines by retail or by wholesale is required in Form 20C or 20D.
Licensing Authority:Licensing authority is appointed by state government for granting license for homoeopathic medicine's manufacturing, distribution and retail. Homoeopathic medicines are fall under ayush department hence most generally ayush licensing authority is worked as licensing authority for granting license to homoeopathic medicines also.Documents required:Prescribed Fee receiptApplication on Form-19BFirm constitution detail i.e. proprietorship, partnership, company etc.Competent person related details i.e. qualification documents and experience certificate etc.Owner/Partners/Director related detailsPremises related details i.e. rent agreement, ownership proof etc.Competent person qualification:A competent person is the person who is in the opinion of the Licensing Authority competent to deal in Homoeopathic me…

Homeopathic Medicines and List of Homoeopathic Manufacturing Companies

Homoeopathy and List of Homoeopathic Companies:Definition of Homoeopathic Medicines:According to Drug and Cosmetic Act & Rules, "Homoeopathic medicines include any drug which is recorded in Homoeopathic provings or therapeutic efficacy of which has been established through long clinical experience as recorded in authoritative Homoeopathic literature of India and abroad and which is prepared according to the techniques of Homoeopathic pharmacy and covers combination of ingredients of such Homoeopathic medicines but does not include a medicine which is administered by parenteral route".

Homeopathy system of medicine was created by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. It is based on the theory, “Like Cures Like”. In Homeopathic system of medicine, medicines that are given produced similar symptoms in healthy person as expressed by diseased person. Homeopathy believes these stimulate the healing process in diseased person and body cures itself.

Medicines prepared and used as per authoriz…

looking for some best Ayurvedic third party or contract manufacturing companies

Connected to you by your youtube channel
I am looking some best third party or contract manufacturing companies near Faridabad Delhi for Ayurvedic products by my name. So can u help with contact details of few such good companies? 
Sir, we don't recommend it to anyone for any ayurvedic company or pharmaceutical company/cosmetic/nutraceutical company for distribution, franchise, third party or the contract manufacturing. We can only provide you the list of Ayurvedic companies and the pharmaceutical company, so you can choose the right choice for you for contract manufacturing or third party manufacturing.

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How to sell Ayurvedic Products Door to Door?

Sir I want to sell ayurvedic product door to door. I want some advice regarding how can I start door to door selling of Ayurvedic medicine businessFor selling ayurvedic product door to door, you need to set up your ayurvedic products distribution. For ayurvedic product distribution and marketing, you will need not to have a wholesale drug licence. You can start your Ayurvedic distribution by taking a GST number. After taking the GST number you need to tie up with an Ayurvedic Company and start door to door distribution of ayurvedic products.
Ayurvedic products fall under the OTC category means over the counter product. For selling ayurvedic products, there is no requirement of any prescription of registered medical practitioners. So you will not have any problem selling these door to door.
Business plan for selling ayurvedic product door to door:
First Set up your firmTake GST numberTake distribution of an ayurvedic CompanyChoose products that you want to sellAppoints sales team or do i…

Hemp as food supplement

I would like to know about the regulatory status of Hemp products and Food supplements.
What are legal requirements for these products
Hemp comes under the restricted herb category fall under Schedule E1. You can't process hemp as food supplements. You can manufacture hemp products as medicinal products in ayush system of medicine by taking proper licensing from ayush department and Excise Department.

Agreement Ayurvedic Products Distribution at Monopoly Basis...

Query: I need a model agreement copy for monopoly distributor of Ayurvedic products from Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical company. For doing this business what are the requirements need. Please send details...
DISTRIBUTION AND MARKETING AGREEMENTThis Agreement of Marketing and distribution is made on -------date------BETWEENM/s ---------------------, An Ayurvedic Company and having its administrative and registered office and Dispatch office at -------------------------------------------- through its Director Mr. ----------------, hereinafter called in and referred to as the first party, which expression shall include his heirs/ successors and assigns.ANDM/s------------, Proprietor/ Partnership/ Private Limited Company/ Limited Company/ s, having its registered office and business at ------------------------------------through its--------Prop/Partner/director------------ hereinafter called and referred to as the Second Party which expression shall include his heirs / successors and assigns. N…

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