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Is there any license we need for selling ayurvedic product online?

Query: I've been reading your posts all the while and have been real thankful for great insights. We are in the process of launching an Ayurvedic brand in India which will be sold online through our own platform initially and then going forwards offline as well. Could you please help in answering following questions - We are getting products from a third Party manufacturer. Is there any other license which we need for selling the product online? Our company is registered and has a GST Number. Please let know if there if any license or documentation required to retail/sell ayurvedic products in India only? Answer: No Sir, You won't require any other drug related license... Your Third Party manufacturer only need to have approval of that product and a valid ayurvedic manufacturing license Check in detail: How we can ayurvedic products online in India?
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Declaration about Drug License required for Selling Ayurvedic (Including siddha and unani) Medicines

We received a lot of queries that ask for any document mentioning no license required for selling of ayurvedic medicines. Ayurvedic medicines are covered under drug and cosmetic act & rules. The act mention all information about licenses that are needed for manufacturing, selling, distributing, exporting, importing of pharma, cosmetic, homoeopathic, ayurvedic (including unani & siddha), medical devices, blood and other related products. It mentions only licenses that is needed but doesn't mention for what is not needed. For Ayurvedic (Including siddha and unani), only manufacturing license is described but no license is mentioned for sale, purchase, retail and distribution of Ayurvedic (Including siddha and unani) medicines. So, it is understood that there is no license is required for retail and distribution of Ayurvedic (Including siddha and unani) medicines but still some persons ask for written proof. Some days ago, we found at Bihar Drug Authority website mentioning &q

Profit margin in Ayurvedic Products

Profit margin is one of the important things to consider when we start any type of business. So, it is also essential for knowing profit margin in ayurvedic products if we are going to start ayurvedic business. Here we will discuss about how much profit you can earn in ayurvedic industry if you are going to start different types of ayurvedic business like manufacturing, marketing, distribution or retail store. First have a look at how you can start different type of ayurvedic businesses in India? How to start ayush (ayurvedic, yoga/naturopathy, unani, siddha and homoeopathy) products distribution business? How to start ayurvedic store? How to start selling herbal products online? How to start ayush manufacturing business? How to start ayush marketing business? Ayush Franchise Business Now come to the point about profit margin at different types of ayurvedic or ayush products. Profit margin is not fixed for all companies or all ayurvedic products. Profit margin varies company to c

Four Promising Ayurvedic Herbal Business Idea 2021:

We saw an incredible increase in sale of ayurvedic products specially immunity boosters and personal care ayurvedic herbal products in 2020 due to pandemic. This Pandemic create urgency to provide attention to health and build up immunity. This increase in demand of ayurvedic products is going to be continue in 2021. Here we are going to discuss about few ayurvedic herbal business idea that is booming in 2021.   Online Selling of Ayurvedic Herbal Products: Online selling business is at boom and ayurvedic herbal products are not exceptions. New ways of online selling are coming day by day. Before e-commerce sites were only the place to sell your products, now social media networks are also providing to sell your products online. Facebook, Instagram are providing option to sell your products through their platform. And this trend is going to boom in 2021. For setting up online selling business of ayurvedic herbal organic products, you need to set-up your own marketing or distribution fir

How to find a good Ayurvedic Pharma Company for Distribution?

Ayurvedic Industry is one of the highly growing industry and one of the sectors that is least affected by pandemic. So, it is good business idea to start with ayurvedic pharma products distribution . Here we are going to give some tips for finding a good ayurvedic pharma company for distribution . We will discuss about following queries in this article: Where to find ayurvedic pharma companies List? How to contact? How to choose best for your need? Where to find ayurvedic pharma companies List? Ayurvedic Companies list can be found online by searching through search engines like Google, Bing etc or through offline mood by checking advertisement of companies at ayurvedic and health related books, newsletters and magazines etc. We have made it easy to find ayurvedic companies list. You can find ayurvedic companies list at our blog: Click to find out ayurvedic pharma companies list here How to contact? You can find ayurvedic pharma companies through any of way. Visit their website or tak

How much profit margin for exporting ayurvedic medicines to the U.S?

Query: I am working on a project related to international trade and had decided to study about the export of Ayurvedic medicines from India to the U.S and was hoping if you could answer a few questions regarding the same. The questions are: 1. What is the average cost of producing ayurvedic medicines? 2. What is the base price for selling ayurvedic medicines in India and in the U.S? 3. How much profit would one make from exporting ayurvedic medicines to the U.S? 4. What documents are required to produce and then export ayurvedic medicines to the U.S? Response: 1. There is no fixed average cost for all ayurvedic medicines. Every medicine cost varies according to ingredients present in it. If it contains costly herbs then it will be costlier and if cheaper herbs then cost will be less. 2. This question is similar to the above question. If cost isn't the same for all ayurvedic medicines then selling price can't be the same. Selling price will also depend on the cost of ayurvedic

Degree required to start ayurvedic medicine company?

Query: I have an problem that for opening a ayurvedic medicine company which degree I should do or required.. please tell the degree name please sir. Response: For opening ayurvedic medicine manufacturing company , you will require to have two technical persons having eligible requirements. Either you can fulfill one of the technical person's education and experience requirements or can hire/employee someone having these qualifications and experiences. The two technical persons are Manufacturing Chemist Analytical Chemist  Qualifications and Experience required for Manufacturing Chemist is as follow: BAMS for Ayurvedic Manufacturing/BUMS for Unani manufacturing/Siddha degree for siddha manufacturing ; or Diploma/Degree in Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Siddha and Unani system of medicine; or Pharmacy graduation/Graduation in Chemistry/Botony/Pharmaceutical chemistry/ with atleast two year of experience ayurvedic/unani/siddha manufacturing unit; or Registered Hakim/Vaid with at lea
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