How to start Ayurvedic Cosmetic Manufacturing Company?

My wife is Ayurvedic doctor and recently started Ayurvedic cosmetic production at small scale which I want to increase to a small company nearby my place. We actually started making face wash. Hair oil, face pack, shampoo etc. Which licence do I need to apply? (As it's not medicine n its Ayurvedic cosmetic products)

A BAMS doctor can manufacture any ayurvedic preparation for his/her own patients without requirement of any manufacturing license. But if he/she wants to commercialize these preparations and want to sell and market these preparations through distribution channel then they require taking Ayurvedic manufacturing license for it whether these are Ayurvedic medicines or Ayurvedic Cosmetic preparations.

For manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicines or ayurvedic cosmetic, you will require Ayurvedic manufacturing license for it. Whether you are starting small scale or large scale, you are manufacturing ayurvedic medicines or ayurvedic cosmetic, you will require taking a ayurvedic manufacturing license.

Ayurvedic manufacturing license is issued by AYUSH department of concern state. You will require minimum of 1200 square feet covered area. You will require two technical persons; one is manufacturing chemist and second is analytical chemist. Manufacturing chemist eligibility is fulfilled by your wife as she is BAMS. For Analytical chemist, you can appoint a BSc (Chemistry) or B. Pharmacy graduate.

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You can fulfil all requirements and start company for selling and manufacturing Ayurvedic Cosmetic products.

Cosmetic preparations can be manufactured in two ways, one by taking Ayurvedic Manufacturing License and second by taking Cosmetic manufacturing license. But in case of cosmetic manufacturing license, you can’t write ayurvedic medicine or cosmetic, you have to write herbal cosmetic products only.

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