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Inquiry about Licensing for Home Made Herbal Cosmetics Manufacturing and Distribution in local market

Query:  I am writing to you with great enthusiasm about our upcoming venture in the manufacturing and distribution of home-made herbal cosmetics in the local market. We are planning to start on a small scale and focus on serving our immediate community. I am reaching out to inquire about the necessary licenses and permits required for manufacturing in home and selling cosmetics in local area. Your guidance on this matter would be invaluable to us as we take our first steps into this endeavor... Response: For making any type of cosmetics in India, there is a requirement of manufacturing license. You can manufacture herbal cosmetics by taking either of following license i.e. ayush manufacturing license or cosmetic manufacturing license. check links to know more: How to Start Cosmetic Manufacturing Company? How to start Ayurvedic cosmetic Manufacturing Company

How to sell Ayurvedic Medicines Online?

As we have discussed in our previous articles, there is no requirement of drug license or any other license for selling of ayurvedic and herbal products. You will need license for manufacturing of ayurvedic products only. In this article, we will cover, how to sell ayurvedic products online.

First have a look at starting ayurvedic manufacturing and marketing business.
Check out: Licenses required for manufacturing Ayurvedic Products
Also check: How to start Ayurvedic Marketing Company?

Now come to online selling of ayurvedic and herbal products. All ayurvdic medicines and herbal products are non prescription products. These are mostly sold as over the counter products as a useful and helpful remedy in certain type of health complications. So you can sell ayurvedic medicines without any restriction online.

For selling ayurvedic medicines online, you will need to compile with term and conditions of the online portal/website through which you want to sell your products or have to set-up own website for selling ayurvedic products online.

Setting own online selling website is time consuming and investment project. It requires time to make a website popular and trusted so people start to buy product from your website own. You can set-up own website and promote it simultaneously along with selling your products online through already established online websites.

At initial stage, selling through established online website will be better option for you. After establishing your business, you can invest at own website for online sale of your product but in starting its not good way to start unless you have excess fund.

What you can sell online?

You can either sell your own marketed/manufactured product or you can sell other company’s products online. But if you are selling other’s product, you will have to take NOC from them.

Requirements and Licenses for selling Ayurvedic Medicine Online:

For selling ayurvedic medicines online, you will need Goods and Service Tax Identification Number (GSTIN). In offline sale, GST is applicable is mandatory above 40 lakh annual turnover but when you will go for online sale, most of online portal will ask for GST number for selling through their portal. We will advise you to take GST number. Applying for GST number is free. Only charges that are taken by your accountant or CA will cost you.

Procedure for applying GSTIN: Either you can apply for GST number through professional accountant or CA or you can apply by own self by visiting at . Complete procedure for applying for GST number that can also be check out in article: How to apply for Goods and Service Tax (GST) Identification Number?

You may also need to register your company if you are selling your own products. You can register your company by visiting at ministry of corporate website: . Read complete procedure to register company in article: How to Register A Company in India?

Once you have acquired GST number. Now you need to create a seller account at online selling websites like amazon, flipcart, healthcart etc. For ayurvedic medicine selling, you can also set-up seller account or tie-up with online pharmacy stores. Online pharmacies are also becoming online giant in selling ayurvedic medicines along with pharmaceutical products.

What to do next?

After setting up seller account at online portals/website, you need to list your product at their website. Provide as much as possible information about your product along with high dimension pictures of your product.
Don’t forget to take NOC from company if you are selling other’s company products otherwise you have to face legal complications.
Research about keywords; search by visitors to find out products like yours. Include those keywords in your product description, heading etc.
Promote your products through social media and other means, so visibility of your products increases. It will be helpful for taking your product at major positions of online selling websites.

Step wise procedure to start online selling:

1. Set-UP own venture or tie-up with other companies for selling their products online
2. Company Registration in case, you are setting-up own venture. You can ignore company registration and only set-up firm and start online business. No objection certificate (NOC) in case, you are selling other’s company product.
3. Follow process for starting ayurvedic company/business/firm/distribution/wholesale/retail
4. Apply for Goods and Service Tax Number
5. Choose products, you want to sell online
6. Create a seller account at existing online websites or set-up own online selling website
7. List your product
8. Promote your business
9. Receive orders through website you connected
10. Pack material and send through registered postal services i.e. India Post, courier, transports, logistics etc or you can choose online website’s in-house delivery services

Things to consider:

While you are selling online, you need to compile with information technology (intermediary guidelines) rules 2011. You have to take care of privacy of your clients who order you online for your product.
You should also consider postal charges and other expenses before quoting your rate at online store. First you need to verify about how much postal expense, you have to bear. Accordingly you should fix your selling rate so you won’t need to increase it after start.
Timely delivery is one of the most important aspects while doing online sale of product or services. Keep check your inventory so you don’t go out of stock or delay in delivery.

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  1. Useful information. But the blogger theme is annoying. A drop down menu comes every time I scroll up and down. Please change it.


  2. plz give details of those companies whose products can be sold online

    1. hey are you searching for ayurvedic companise?

  3. Great informative read. Do I need to take Ayush license to sell home made Ayurvedic skin care cream on Amazon? Like, will Amazon reject product listing?

    1. you can't manufacture ayurvedic products at home. You need to take ayush manufacturing license to manufacture ayurvedic skin care cream

  4. I am interested in selling ayurvedic medicine online, kindly give details of those companies whose products can be sold online.

    1. you can check out ayurvedic companies list at link:
      you can find details of ayurvedic companies here and contact them for product supply

  5. Hi I want to sell ayurvedic products online , I am based in US , how can I get the supplier?

    1. you can check out ayurvedic companies list at link:

    2. you can find details of ayurvedic companies here and contact them for product supply

  6. I want to sell ayurvedic Powder . Eg I wan to sell amla powder but under my brand . Amla powder is sold by many manufacturing companies . So I don't need a manufacturing license? What wil I need to buy the raw material and then sell under my brand . Please help

    1. but you need to have either ayush manufacturing license or FSSAI manufacturing license to repack and sell amla powder

  7. I want to sell ayurvedic raw material like amla or tulasi powder. I'm purchasing these items in bulk and want to repackage under my brand. As these are not products, do I need ayush or any registrations for doing this kind of business?

    1. you need to have either ayush manufacturing license or FSSAI manufacturing license to repack and sell these powders

    2. I am an ayurvedic doctor, is it possible to sell my own handmade medicines to my patients?

    3. yes sir
      you can prepare medicine by self for your patients


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