How to generate prescription from Medical Practitioners?

In this article, we are going to discuss about how you can boost your prescription sale. There are ethical and un-ethical ways to generate prescriptions. Ethical practice is best way to create brand image and company reputation. We should avoid unethical practice but it’s also very common among companies and practitioners.

First we will discuss about ethical methods of prescription generation.

Ethical Ways:

Ethical ways could also be divided into two parts:
  • Direct Sales Methods
  • In-direct Sales Methods

Direct Sales Methods

1. Doctor’s Call (Regular Meeting and Visiting to Doctors) 
2. Reminder 
3. Chemist's Visiting
4. Arranging Seminars/Conferences for updating doctors to latest news in medical science
5. Awareness and Educational Campaign
6. Free Check-UP camps
7. New and Researched Molecules 
8. Distributor's Influence
9. Net price and Offer

Doctor’s Call:

Regular visiting to doctor’s chamber make a good impact and after some time doctor starts to give attention to you. But regular meeting shouldn’t mean, you are visiting daily or several time in a month. You should prepare a schedule and try to meet a doctor twice a month only. If you meet number of times in month then it will cause irritation and doctor will start to ignore you. 
Try to start conversion with doctors about light topics. This will break the Ice and helpful to make casual relationship. Try to understand prescription habit of doctor, his/her choice of molecule etc. This will help in promoting and convincing for prescription about those particulars molecules brand.


Follow-up plays an important role in any business. We can’t visit doctor’s chamber at short intervals. Visiting too fast will irritate doctors. Making Reminder Calls, SMS, What App and leaving reminder cards and literature create unusual impact and increase prescription through doctor’s pen. 

Chemist Visiting:

Chemists knows about detailed prescription habit of doctors whose prescription come to them. Chemists also have good relationships with doctors. Visiting chemists and making good relationships with them could also be helpful in starting interaction with doctor's.

Arranging Seminar/Conferences:

Doctor’s are keen of getting knowledge and learning latest techniques about industry. Arranging seminar’s and conference about latest research and gathering of reputed personalities of medical science provides reasons to doctors to attend these seminars and conferences. Sponsoring a seminar and conference create credibility and brand building for organisation

Awareness and Educational Campaign:

Educating people and medical community about a particular disease helps to limelight brand and company into doctors and medical community’s attention. It gives reputed place in mind set of people and helps in prescription generation and brand building.

Free Check-up Camps:

Doctors and hospitals usually arrange free check-up camps where they provide free consultation as well as free medications. Providing free medication at time of camp and arranging it on behalf of doctor or hospital we help in recognition into medical community.

New and Researched Molecules:

New and researched molecules have competitive advantage because generally we don’t have any competition for prescribing these brands. New and researched molecules are generally patented molecules and either new treatment for particular disease or upgraded version of any existing treatment. But small and macro sized companies generally don’t have this competitive advantage because they couldn’t spend at research and development of new molecules. Only big Pharmaceutical and Ayurvedic Companies have this competitive advantage. 

Distributor's Influence:

Appointing a good distributor is also important for setting up business in territory. Distributor's influence, his reputation in market, his relationships with doctors and chemists etc could also helpful in generating prescription of our brands.

Net Price and Offer:

Some companies and franchise distributors offer their products at a certain price after adding their profit to medical practitioner to boost their sale. Doctor’s purchase at net rates and makes it available at their own medical store located in their hospital and prescribes to their patients.

Indirect Sales Methods:

1. Blog
2. Vlog/Video
3. Social Media Presence
4. Advertisement

These methods are not directly related to prescription generation but indirectly affect brand awareness and boost prescription


Blogging is one of the best ways to provide useful knowledge and create brand awareness among desired audience. Providing useful and knowledgeable content we create trust of doctor in company and its brand.


Vlog is also a form of blog which is in form of video. Providing useful information and knowledgeable content through posting video at your blog or youtube or any other site build trust among medical community and will create brand value.

Social Media Presence:

Creating a social awareness campaign at social media or other ways creates online presence and helps people to recognise your brand. It will directly or indirectly boost your brand presence and helps in business generation.

Advertise through Electronic and social media:

Advertisement of pharmaceutical products is restricted under drug and cosmetic act. Ayurvedic products could be advertised with less restriction. If you can’t advertise product/brand, you can advertise your company or run a social awareness advertisement to promote your brand as social responsible brand.

Unethical Ways:

1. Sponsorship of tours, cars and other luxury items
2. Small gifts and daily useable products
3. Cash and Percentage

Sponsorship of Tours, Cars and Other Luxury Items:

Providing luxurious items against prescribing a company product is general practice in medical community. Companies provide cars, tours and other luxury items against prescribing their products and its major source of prescription generation.

Small gifts and daily useable products:

Small gifts and daily used products also create similar impact as created by luxury items. Pen, Key rings, Tea Coasters, Pen Stand, Paper, prescription pads, letter heads etc is few useful gifts for doctors to keep in their attention and convincing them for prescribing brands.

Cash and Percentage:

Offering cash and percentage is common unethical practice but very useful practice to generate prescription from medical practitioners. Small, medium and even big pharmaceutical and ayurvedic companies offer cash and percentage against prescribing prescription.

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