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Harnessing the Power of Ashwagandha: A Comprehensive Guide to its Benefits for Females

In the world of herbal remedies and traditional medicine, Ashwagandha, scientifically known as Withania somnifera, has been revered for centuries for its remarkable health benefits. This adaptogenic herb, native to India and other parts of Asia, has gained increasing popularity in recent years, especially among females seeking natural ways to enhance their overall well-being. In this article, we delve into the numerous advantages that Ashwagandha offers specifically for women's health. Stress and Anxiety Management In today's fast-paced world, stress and anxiety have become common companions for many women. Ashwagandha's adaptogenic properties make it an invaluable ally in managing stress and anxiety. It helps regulate the body's stress response by reducing cortisol levels, thereby promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. This is particularly beneficial for women dealing with the demands of work, family, and other responsibilities. Hormone Balance Hormonal fluctuations

Is Ayurvedic Medicine System Scientific?


Today I will talk about whether Ayurvedic medicine is scientific or unscientific, I do not want to get into any kind of debate but I believe that I am one of those few people who understand their self-capable to answer this question.

Actually, my education is from allopathy D. Pharmacy plus B. Pharmacy i.e. I am an allopathic pharmacist and after that I have worked in allopathic medicine for 7-8 years in its administration and marketing after that I started my ayurvedic start up.

It was not because I had a lot of love for ayurvedic or something, it was because it was very easy to start up in ayurvedic and it can be started at low budget and its demand were increasing and the competition was more in allopathic and in ayurvedic there was slightly less and that way was easy.

So, I got great help and I started my ayurvedic start-up, now I have spent lot of years in ayurvedic medicine business my start up too

So, I have experienced of both, because of this I feel that I am a little compatible to answer this thing,

I can give a little answer about this,

Actually, Corona has given rise to a new debate whether Ayurvedic is good or allopathic is good.

If I talk about myself, then I feel that both are imperfect in their place because both have many drawbacks.

If I talk on the basis of my experience, then it is purely a business whether it is allopathic medicine. Whether it is ayurvedic medicine or allopathic medicine, ayurvedic hospital, allopathic hospital, ayurvedic doctor, allopathic doctor, whether it is ayurvedic company or pharmaceutical company, they all work for money and it is purely a business.

It is their profession; they get money from it. If so, they do all this, no person does it for service, whether it is Ayurvedic, whether it is allopathic.

Some person does it, some person does it for service also, they also do it as charity but that percentage is very less. If we figure by values, then 99% of things are business, only 1% can be for charity. And I am not sure in that too, everyone is a business.

Whether research is being done on corona, vaccine is being made or doctors are working day and night in the hospital or some yoga guru is claiming the medicine of corona by saying this all is the business

This is a separate issue here we are on the point that the herbal medicine is scientific or unscientific

So, if I say rightly so it becomes very difficult to say it is scientific or unscientific. Even It also becomes difficult to tell whether allopathic is also scientific or not because in corona we have seen that most of the allopathic doctors were also working only on guessing, they didn't even know what to do what not to do, they got Guidance from somewhere, they used to try to do the same.

So, corona has proved a little in their case that their knowledge too, their method is very incomplete, now they too have a lot of research needs to be done and a very long way to go.

Still for this I am considering allopathic medicine as a standard to weigh Ayurvedic medicine at scientifically basis. because it is based on scientific things to a great extent.

And on the basis of that I wanted to know that Ayurvedic medicine or herbs which are used to treat, trees and plants which are used to treat, we can place them scientifically or not.

Then after that I found that we, pharmacy students, everyone will know that we have a subject Pharmacognosy. If you are a pharmacy student then you understand, you will know what are in pharmacognosy.

If you do not belong to pharmacy, then let me tell you a little about pharmacognosy, it is a subject that contains natural resources whether it is trees, plants, herbs, animals or microbes and new medicines are discovered from them and the physical, biological, chemical and biochemical properties of all these natural resources are studied in this way.

Herbs are used very well in their medicinal, if we can't not say it be a medicinal property A study is done about them. If basically we say, then whatever herbs are there, animal origin or whatever natural resources are there, their medicinal properties are studied,

So, when we talk about pharmacognosy, it is found that the trees and plants have medicinal properties or we can use them as medicine and most of these trees and plants are same, we use in Ayurvedic medicine as well as in Unani and which all the alternative medicine's resources and systems these same plants are used.

Pharmacognosy proves their medicinal use, somewhere they have medicinal properties, so it cannot be that according to pharmacognosy, it has medicinal property and if we use it in pharmacognosy then they will show medicinal property.

But when we use the same herb in ayurvedic or other alternative medicine then it will not show medicinal property or medicinal use. if it is showing medicinal properties according to pharmacognosy, then it is definitely a thing that when we use the same herb in Ayurvedic, it will show its medicinal properties there too.

Now I have my point of view. The view has been kept, now it depends on the person in front whether he considers it scientific or unscientific.

Ayurvedic medicine is scientific or unscientific, it will also depend on the person who is using it,

According to me both have their own existence. Allopathic has its own existence, Ayurvedic has its own existence, the debate between both of these is meaningless, it is of no use, the quarrel about it is political or to save own business because the Medical Association feels that if the demand for ayurvedic increases, then somewhere that affect their usefulness or the interest they have, their compassion will be reduced and Baba ji feels that he has a new opportunity to promote himself to prove bigger than allopathic. To prove ayurvedic bigger than allopathic so that their sale can increase.

Then both have their own selfishness, here whether it is political or economic, whether they can apply it in any way, in fact, the debate between both of them is that these both systems have their own qualities. they have their own demerits.

You cannot cure everything with allopathic. You cannot cure every disease with Ayurvedic, Unani or alternative medicine. Both are incomplete in themselves but both of them when originated. they were made for the good of humanity and both should be used for the good of humanity, maybe you go into cross pathy, use another medicine, use ayurvedic with allopathy or ayurvedic Use allopathic with ayurvedic, whatever we do, the aim of all of us is only one that is the good of humanity and that is the most important purpose,

What is good, what is bad, who is scientific, who is unscientific, these things do not matter,

Hope you will like this information thanks for reading…



The information provided here is for informational purposes only and should not replace professional medical advice. Always consult a qualified healthcare practitioner for personalized guidance.

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