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Best Ayurvedic Company in India

Is Ayurvedic Medicine System Scientific?

  Today I will talk about whether Ayurvedic medicine is scientific or unscientific, I do not want to get into any kind of debate but I believe that I am one of those few people who understand their self-capable to answer this question. Actually, my education is from allopathy D. Pharmacy plus B. Pharmacy i.e. I am an allopathic pharmacist and after that I have worked in allopathic medicine for 7-8 years in its administration and marketing after that I started my ayurvedic start up . It was not because I had a lot of love for ayurvedic or something, it was because it was very easy to start up in ayurvedic and it can be started at low budget and its demand were increasing and the competition was more in allopathic and in ayurvedic there was slightly less and that way was easy. So, I got great help and I started my ayurvedic start-up, now I have spent lot of years in ayurvedic medicine business my start up too So, I have experienced of both, because of this I feel that I am a little co

List of Ayurvedic and Herbal products manufacturer in India

This article will cover list of herbal products manufacturers in india, herbal products online, list of unani companies in india, top 10 ayurvedic companies in india 2019, herbal products manufacturers in delhi/ncr, ayurvedic products marketing companies, ayurvedic franchise company in India etc. Services provides by these companies includes Contract manufacturing, third party manufacturing, ayurvedic products distribution, herbal products distribution, business opportunity in herbal and ayurvedic sectors i.e. dealership, ayurvedic franchise, stockistship, outlet, wholesale supply, carrying and forwarding agent (CNF) etc.

List of Best Ayurvedic and herbal product manufacturers in India
  • Elzac Herbal India 
  • Cazle Ayurveda 
  • Raston Ayurveda 
  • Vatson Remedies 
  • Sukhija Ayurvedic Pharmacy 
  • KR Laboratories 

Elzac Herbal India:
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Elzac Herbals is a well known and trusted name in Ayurvedic and Herbal market. Elzac provides best services along with best natural Ayurvedic Products. Elzac motto is to provide best quality and efficacy products to their customer without any chemicals and side effects. Elzac Herbals was started in 2012 by aiming to provide chemical free future to our new generation.

Elzac Herbal India has wide range of products (more than 200 products) including patent ayurvedic medicines, proprietary medicines, classical ayurvedic medicines (asava/arishtha, vati, avelha, churna, gold preparations, bhasma, ras/rasayan, guugul, mandur etc). It is one of the best franchise classical ayurvedic company.
Check out: Ayurvedic and herbal products third party manufacturing and contract manufacturing process here
Check out: Procedure to become Elzac’s Distributor

Cazle Ayurveda:
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Cazle Ayurveda is a Classical, Proprietary and Patent ayurvedic medicines company. Cazle Ayurveda also deals in Unani medicines. Best part of Cazle Ayurveda is their products efficacy and timely delivery. Cazle Ayurveda basically deals in bulk quantity like kg and liter’s packs. Along with bulk quantity, Cazle Ayurveda also provides standard packs.

Raston Ayurveda:
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Raston Ayurveda is India’s leading natural/herbal Products company. Combining ancient wisdom from the Vedas with 21st century technology, we offer a range of health care, skin care, hair care, sun care and make-up products for the retail and professional markets

Vatson Remedies
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Vatson Remedies is a GMP certified pharmaceutical company. The company is engaged in the manufacturing of ayurvedic proprietary medicines. Vatson take the opportunity to introduce ourselves as the fast growing Ayurvedic Company based at Rai (Sonepat) having all India network under third party manufacturing facility to serve the pharmaceutical industry in the best possible way by providing the latest and sophisticated molecules with quality and batch to batch consistency.

Sukhija Ayurvedic Pharmacy
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Sukhija Ayurvedic Pharmacy, a more than 50 years experience in ayurvedic sector having complete range of asava and arishtha, churna, bhasma and other classical medicines etc. Sukhija Ayurvedic Pharmacy is one of the main supplier of classical ayurvedic medicines to top ayurvedic companies of India.

KR Laboratory:
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KR Laboratory mainly deals in third party manufacturing and contract manufacturing. KR laboratory has more than 500 products approvals including classical, patent and proprietary medicines.

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