How to launch Ayurvedic Classical Products?

This article is based upon question of our reader. The question is about manufacturing of ayurvedic classical products. Question is as follow: “I am student of 3rd year BAMS. I am planning to launch Ayurveda medicine based products which is already referred in Ayurveda classical text. So for it what types of legal process needed like quality control, product registration? And where I can apply for required approvals?”

For launching of Ayurveda medicine products referred in Ayurveda classical text, you have two options. Either you can manufacture these by yourself or you can outsource it at third party/contract manufacturing basis from any ayurvedic manufacturing company at your company name.

In first case, if you want to manufacture ayurvedic classical products by own self, you will require to take ayurvedic manufacturing license from ayush department. Check out details of starting ayurvedic medicine manufacturing company here

In second case, if you want to launch ayurvedic classical medicines at your company name through other manufacturers, you need to start your ayurvedic marketing company and manufacture these at third party or contract manufacturing basis. Check out details for starting ayurvedic medicine marketing company here

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