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Know Your Ayurvedic Body Type & Boost Your Health

Do you know which your body type (Prakriti) is? You might know what the meanings of all type are, yet you might not be able to figure out which your body type actually is. In this article, I am going to help you to discover your Ayurvedic body type so that you can start making necessary lifestyle changes in order to balance your dosha. Your Ayurvedic body type could be responsible for your health issues. It is common to confuse your dosha with a food allergy or an illness, but taking note of the following symptoms can help determine your dosha and lead a healthier life as you balance your doshas. Have you ever heard of Ayurveda? For those who are not aware, Ayurveda is 5000 years old Indian tradition which originated from the combination of two words – “Ayur” meaning life and “Veda” meaning knowledge. The Ayurvedic healers believe that a person's physical and mental health is determined by their body type. They also believe that people can improve their health by balancing t

Marketing Mistakes we should avoid !

Sale is blood for a business. Without sale, business is like body without blood. Sale is only thing that generate revenue for business and helps keep it running. For sale, we need to market our products and sell them. Here we are going to discuss about what marketing mistakes you need to avoid for your start-up.

First Mistake: Spending huge money at product or business start-up without concentrating at marketing

Most of start-up do that mistakes while starting up their business. We spend lot of money at unnecessary things that cost us in long run. 

Suppose you are starting an ayurvedic manufacturing company and you spend lot of money at automatic machineries, a hi-fi office and infrastructure and you don't have any established market or sale. I got a lot of queries who want to spend a huge amount at manufacturing but when I ask do you have sale or any marketing knowledge then lot of persons says, "no". 

It's better to start with minimum investment at manufacturing unit with simple set-up but good sales and marketing approach. You need to understand no one giving to care about how much expensive office accessories you have or hi-fi machinery you using if you have good marketing and sales skills and knowledge. You can start with manual plants and later build up it with hi-tech machinery when you start to generate more revenue.

In case of starting ayurvedic marketing company, many person make the mistake of spending money at unnecessary things like purchasing tape with company logo and printed corrugated boxes with company logo. These may seem small things that will give company a reputation in market but that consume lot of investment that may be used for marketing and growing sales.

Don't do stupid mistakes of show off in business start-up. Start with very minimum requirements and concentrate at sales, not to things that create buzz in market.

Mistake Second: Not choosing a Niche and marketing to everyone

May be you have a general product that has mass market and everyone could be your customer base but don't do mistake to market your product to everyone. Everyone would not buy your product/service. You need to concentrate at a particular customer base.

Suppose you have healthcare ayurvedic product i.e. Liver tonic and you want to market it. You know every person having liver problem, digestive problem or person consuming alcohol are your customer but you can't market your product to that broad audience.

It will cost you lot with no positive outcome rather you can promote it to a specific group of customers like doctors, chemists and pharmacies. It will save your marketing expenditure and help you to clarify your market goal. Later you can choose broad market type and promote to larger group.

Mistake three: Caring for Branding, Not at customer acquisition

Branding is a goal for every marketing strategy but branding without sale is no worth. So, you need to concentrate at boosting sale in starting rather focusing only at branding. 

You need to save money from spending at unnecessary things that are not generating sale for your business. Give your focus at generating sale that will keep your business alive at initial stage.

It's better to get some customer who give good feedback and encourage other to buy your products rather you spend thousand of dollars at advertising to create branding with no one purchasing your products.

Hope above information is helpful to you...

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