How to find Export clients for your Company?

Irrespective of any business we are doing; these ways for finding export client will help us to take our company at next level. In era of digitalization, finding export clients is very easy. We need to learn and implement following methods that we are going to discuss in this article.

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Two types of methods we are discussing here:
  1. Online Methods
  2. Offline Methods
Online Methods are less expensive and effective as compare to offline methods. Both has own advantage and disadvantage.

Online Methods:

Online methods can also be divided into two parts:

  • Paid
  • Free
Paid methods are quick and start to show result in short time where as Free methods are time consuming and takes lot of time to show results. Paid methods show result till we spend money where as Free methods show result even after we provide little attention after some time. Combination of Paid and Free is perfect for best results.

Either we can implement these methods by our self or can be implemented through hiring an agency.

Before Proceeding:
Before proceeding further, we need to make some home work, so it will be easy for us to capture the opportunity we get from these methods.
  • Choose Country and conduct research about what types of online marketing tool are useful in this country. Which search engine is prime search engine there? Which social media site is more popular in that domain? These will be helpful in choosing best marketing tool for us.
  • We should have good team for follow-up of queries received through these methods. Sales staff should have good communication skill in languages that are used in that specific country.
  • Complete specifications, requirements, licenses and registration to send goods outside from India.

Paid Methods:

Paid methods require money but show quick results and start to show results at short time if implemented effectively. We need to know exactly which search engine and which social networks have good presence in that market, so we can run advertisement on that specific websites only and get good results.

These includes

Free Methods:

For using free methods we should also have good knowledge about search engines and social networkers have good presence in that specific country. Unlike paid methods, free methods require less money but takes long time i.e. six month, one year or more to show results if implemented properly.

These Includes

Offline Methods:

Offline methods cover traditional methods for finding export client for our company. These may be more costly as compare to online methods. Most commonly used methods are:
  • Trade Shows, Trade Fairs & Events, Business Trade Shows
  • Travelling Salesman Technique
  • Hire a Agent
  • Purchase Database of foreign customers and Contact Them
  • Electronic Media Advertisement
  • News Paper Advertisement in that specific country
Before proceeding:
Before proceeding further, we need to make some work in offline methods also, so we should capture export opportunity easily:
  • We should have competent staff having good communication skill in languages used in that particular country
  • We should do some research about electronic media and news agencies that have strong impact in that region.

Trade Shows, Trade Fairs & Events, Business Trade Shows:

Trade shows and Business Expo shows are great way to contact with importers and exporters. We can attend these shows as a visitor or exhibitor. For getting export queries, we have to exhibit our company’s service and products at these shows.
We can exhibit in trade and business shows in that specific country where we want to export our goods. Also we can attend trade and business shows conducted by export council or any other reputed organisers in India. Importers from other countries visit in these shows and could be interested to import your product in their country.

Travelling Salesman Technique:

Travelling salesman is a person who promotes, advertise and sell their product door to door to customer. For finding export clients, we can travel to country in which we want to export our goods or appoint any sales staff for this purchase. We can meet to suppliers, importer and distributors of our goods there. We can finalize all business deals by personnel meet.

Hiring an Agent:

There are many agencies and persons who work as intermediate between companies and importing agent. They charge a certain amount of percentage or commission on completing export order. We can search for these consultancy agencies and persons for exporting our goods.

Purchasing Database of contact information of foreign clients:

There are many agencies, who sell contact information data of distributors, importers and marketing agencies of foreign clients. We can purchase these information and contact to them regarding our goods and services.

Electronic Media Advertisement:

T.V., Radio etc advertisement is useful in every country. We can find out popular programs and serials of that country and advertise our products and company through these medium. Advertising a good way to attract queries of distributors and capture market.

Newspaper advertisement:

Like electronic media advertisement, news paper advertisement is also effective to attract distributors and importers attention and create market presence.

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