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Ashwagandha uses and Products having Ashwagandha as main ingredient

Ashwagandha uses: Ashwagandha, also known as Withania somnifera, is an herb that is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is believed to have a variety of potential health benefits, including: Reducing stress and anxiety: Ashwagandha is believed to have a calming effect on the mind, which may help to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Improving cognitive function and memory: Ashwagandha is believed to enhance the activity of enzymes that are involved in the transmission of nerve impulses, which may help to improve cognitive function and memory. Boosting the immune system: Ashwagandha is believed to have immunomodulatory properties, which may help to boost the immune system. Improving cardiovascular health: Ashwagandha is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, which may help to reduce the risk of heart disease. Improving reproductive health: Ashwagandha is believed to have a positive effect on reproductive health in both men and women. It may help to improve sperm quality, i

How to Find Franchise distributors for Your Company?

Irrespective of any business we are doing; these ways for finding Franchise client will help you to take our company at next level. In era of digitalization, finding Franchise clients is very easy. You only need to learn and implement properly these discussed ways.

Understand Franchise Model in Pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic, Food Supplement and Cosmetic Sector:

You need to search marketing professionals and distributors who will market and sell your product along with distribution & supply of your products.

Company provides goods at net rates after adding only certain percentage of profit margin into their costing which is approx. ¼ of MRP but depend at many factors which we have discussed in our article: how to calculate profit margin in Franchise Business?

Franchise Distributor earn their profit and marketing & promotional expenses from difference between Net rate and MRP along with stockiest margin (if any) or Retailer Margin. Read in detail about Pharmaceutical Franchise Company Concept here

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Two types of methods we are discussing here for finding distributor for your ayurvedic franchise company:
1. Online Methods
2. Offline Methods

Online Methods are our favorites as less expensive and effective as compare to offline methods. Both has own advantage and disadvantage.


Online methods can also be divided into two parts:
  • Paid Tools
  • Free Tools
Paid tools are quick and start to show result in short time where as Free tools are time consuming and takes lot of time to show results. But Paid tools show result till we spend money where as Free tools show result even after we provide little attention or no attention after some time. Combination of Paid and Free is perfect for best results.
Either we can implement these methods by our self or can be implemented through hiring an agency


Paid tools require money but show quick results. These start to show results at short time if implemented effectively. You Should Know about best search Engine and social networker suitable for your needs i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc

Important paid tools includes:
Search Engine Advertisement:
Google Ads, Yahoo Ads or Bing Ads etc
When a person search through any search engine through keyword you have selected for your company advertisement. Google and other search engines show Ad related to that searched keyword along with organic searches

Social Media Advertisement:
Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn ads etc
Social Networks shows sponsored news feeds and ads along with personalized feeds. You can choose your desire audience by specifying your targeted audience and prevent your money by showing ad to unnecessary persons.

Business to Business Portals Paid Listing:
Business to Business Portals will have option for listing your company and its products/services at Free listing basis as well as paid listing basis.
Free listing is useless but you get queries from paid listing at these portals
Beware of fake queries and responses


Unlike paid methods, free methods require less money but takes long time i.e. six month, one year or more to show results if implemented properly. If you hire a professionals/agency for these tools, these also become paid tools. In starting when you have lot of time but less money for advertising, these tools can change your whole marketing strategy
You will require less marketing budget and these tools will work long term even after you give less attention to these

Important Free Tools includes:
Website Creation and Promotion:
Domain name registration and simple website building cost hardly a 5000-6000 rs annually. That’s not s big cost that couldn’t be paid by new comers or small companies. Website promotion is tricky work but you can learn easily to promote your website and get good organic ranking at search engines by efforts.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important aspect to promote own website and helps in creating good organic ranking at Search Engines. There are lot of articles and video about SEO and ranking factors online. You can learn about SEO and ranking factors like content marketing, link building etc from these and promote website by own

Social Media Presence Creation You can create your company’s social media account and run any awareness program, provide useful information to your readers. That will encourage your readers to share your post and will create brand presence in your customers
Avoid over promoting own products/service/company
Providing knowledge and creating awareness about any particular cause will automatic create brand promotion

Content Marketing Blogging, Video creation, Social media Posts, infographics etc come under content marketing
Social media presence we discussed previously also a part of content marketing.
Content marketing’s motive is to provide valuable information to their target audience that doesn’t explicitly promote a brand but it is intended to stimulate interest in its products/services
As per our choice Content marketing is best marketing tool in today’s scenario, not only for pharma franchise business but for other businesses also.
People start to consider you as an expert in your field which build a trust and trust creates a brand value. People start taking advice which converted into business transaction if any one has interest or requirement of your products/services


Offline methods cover traditional methods for finding Franchise Distributors for your company. These may be more costly as compare to online methods. Most commonly used methods are:
  • Drug Books and Medical News Paper Advertisement
  • Travelling Salesman Technique
  • Trade Shows, Trade Fairs & Events, Business Trade Shows & Exhibitions
  • Hire a Commission Agent
  • Purchase Franchise Distributors Database
  • Electronic Media Advertisement
Drug Books and Medical News Paper Advertisement:
Advertising to drug books and medical/health news papers is one of most traditional way to get franchise queries. These drug books generally publish at quarter basis and news papers publish at monthly or 15 days basis.
One more advantage of Advertising in drug books is build the trust in distributors about genuineness of Company

Travelling Salesman Technique You can appoint a company representative who will travel across the country and will find distributors in every district territory.
Company Representative generally visit to already known franchise distributors if he has experience in market or visit to persons who send query regarding franchise or meet randomly to all pharma distributors present in visiting area

Trade Shows, Trade Fairs & Events, Business Trade Shows & Exhibitions Trade/Business Shows, fairs, events etc are great way to connect with pharmaceutical sectors professionals. Some Pharma Expo are dedicated to franchise marketing. You can exhibits your company in that shows/exhibitions and connect with franchise distributors.

Hire a Commission Agent
There are many persons who have experience in Pharmaceutical Franchise Marketing and associate with companies at commission basis to find franchise distributors for them. You can hire these commission agent for finding franchise distributors for your company

Purchase Franchise Distributors Database Some agencies sell franchise distributors data. You can purchase and contact the listed persons for doing work as franchise basis. But you should check authenticity of this data before purchasing it other wise your efforts will be zero because contact information provided will not of your use.

Electronic Media Advertisement There is less in trend among Pharmaceutical Franchise Companies to advertise through electronic media. But it may also be useful tool for finding franchise distributors.

These were few techniques for finding franchise distributors for your organization.
You can also use other tools for finding Pharma Franchise Distributors that we haven’t mentioned here. Write in comment about if any marketing tool we have forget to mention here.

Hope above information is helpful to you
For any query and suggestion, mail us at

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