What is the process of establishing an herbal pharmaceutical manufacturing company?

An herbal pharmaceutical manufacturing company can be established in many ways depend at your product selection. Before proceeding to checking the process, first we need to understand what the herbal pharmaceutical products are:

Herbal pharmaceutical products are generally referred to the products related to pharmaceutical sector but contain only herbal ingredients. As herbal word is included, we can’t use synthetic salts or chemical active ingredients to manufacture them and majority of active pharmaceutical ingredients are synthetic or chemicals. So, allopathic drugs are not the herbal pharmaceutical products.

Herbal cosmetic (derma) products and ayush medicines are generally included under the herbal pharmaceutical products. These products are regulated under Drug and Cosmetic Act & Rules. As we discussed above, depend at your product selection, you need to procure requirement to establish an herbal pharmaceutical manufacturing company.

If you want to establish herbal cosmetic (derma) products then you will require to take cosmetic manufacturing license but if you want to start manufacturing of ayush medicines the you will require to take ayurvedic manufacturing license.

Check requirements for both types of license by following link:
How to start cosmetic manufacturing unit?
How to start ayurvedic manufacturing unit?

Process of Establishing an Herbal Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company:

  • Prepare a Business Plan
  • Choose Name of Company
  • Product Selection
  • Plant and Premises Set-up (in owned premises or rented premises)
  • Complete all documents
  • Appointment of Technical staff
  • Apply for manufacturing license depend at product selection as discussed above (Check complete procedure at above given links)
  • After getting manufacturing license start manufacturing of desire products
  • Set-up marketing strategy and implement it properly. (Check out: How to sell herbal pharmaceutical products here?)

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