Best way to Reach out to Ayurvedic Stores to sell own Herbal Products

I recently launched an herbal product and wanted to understand the best way to reach out to ayurvedic stores across different metros I understand that you have immense experience in this area. Would love to connect and get your views on how we can reach out to all ayurvedic stores. Looking forward to hearing from you

Query's Answer:

You can reach to ayurvedic stores in different ways.
First, you or your appointed sales person visit to that store personally and convince them to sell your herbal product in their ayurvedic stores

Second, you appoint ayurvedic and herbal distributors at every location in metro city for selling your product by providing him maximum profit

Third, you build a brand by advertising and selling herbal products online at mass scale. After creating a brand image of your product, you set-up a good distribution channel and reach to ayurvedic stores across metros.

These are the general ways to reach out to ayurvedic store. All above mentioned way is working. Different companies are following different ways. You can choose that is suitable for you.

Appointing sales person is costly one and advertisement also requires lot of money. By tie-up with ayurvedic and herbal distributors at different location by providing good margin is one of the simplest and less investing way to reach out to ayurvedic stores at different places.

Third one is also good way to reach out to ayurvedic stores. There are number of ayurvedic products launched every day. You need to stand out your herbal product from other similar products available in market.

Once you started selling online your brand and people start to ask these products at local ayurvedic stores then ayurvedic stores start to take interest in your product. This will also help to reach out to ayurvedic stores. You can also use combination of above ways.

But if demand arises, you make sure you have proper distribution channel so you can supply your herbal product as early as possible to ayurvedic stores.

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Things to remember:
  • Packaging is one of the most important aspect considered by customer. So, if you directly sell through ayurvedic stores, your packaging should be world class. Packaging is first thing that attract customers.
  • Packaging is first thing but your product should also provide value to consumer. If packaging is good but quality doesn’t seem to be good then you will not get any repetition and hence you can’t get sale for long term
  • Ayurvedic Stores only sell what customer’s ask from them. So, you need to build some brand value in your category so at least customer recognise your brand. Online purchasing trend is increasing. If a customer looks your product online then that creates some trust about your product in his/her mind set. That’s enough for purchasing your product through offline ayurvedic stores if above two requirements meet.
  • Distribution channel is also important aspect of any business, even if you are dealing with single herbal product. It should be easy for ayurvedic stores to get and purchase your products from local ayurvedic distributor available at that place or ayurvedic distributors that come to them at regular basis to deliver herbal products.

Hope this information is helpful to you….


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