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Advise on opening of cosmetic and ayurvedic shop

Query: Dear sir, I want start my business with cosmetic items and ayurvedic medicines Please advise this business can be started online too. I got an small shop in main market city plaza. Need your help on subject to start this business under MSME scheme aided by government also. Response: Yes Sir, You can start your cosmetic items and ayurvedic medicines business online by taking gst number. MSME scheme is particular for small and medium size manufacturing enterprises but under certain circumstances you can also apply.  But you shouldn't be dependent only on government aid. You need to start it at your own basis. Check out:  How to start cosmetic products and ayurvedic medicine store? How to sell cosmetic products and ayurvedic medicine online?

How to Sell Ayurvedic Products in India?

Ayurvedic Industry is one of the fastest growing industry in India and expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.06%. Ayurvedic industry was valued at INR 300 billion in 2018 and expected to reach at INR 710.87 billion by 2024. And one major thing, Ayurveda industry is one of the few industries which has least impacted due to COVID-19. Even COVID-19 provides boosts to Ayurveda industry by increasing demand of immunity boosters, sanitizers and other Ayurveda market products. 

So, ayurvedic industry is one of the top business choices among aspirants who want to set-up new business. We have discussed about different types of ayurvedic businesses set-up in another articles. You can check out different types of ayurvedic business opportunities in following links:

Ayurvedic Business Start-up Articles:
You can set-up your own ayurvedic business by reading above linked articles. Now question is that How you can sell your ayurvedic products in market. In this article, we will cover different ways of selling ayurvedic products available in India.

Ayurvedic products in India are regulated through drug and cosmetic act & rules. Drug and cosmetic act & rules regulate the manufacturing of ayurvedic medicines, so there is requirement of ayurvedic products manufacturing license if anyone want to start manufacturing of ayurvedic products. Sale, distribution and retailing of ayurvedic products doesn’t require drug related license. So, for selling, distribution and retailing of ayurvedic products can be done without any drug licensing requirements.

Different ways to sell Ayurvedic Products in India:

Ayurvedic Products can be sold through online ways and offline ways. You can sell your ayurvedic products by only single way or more ways, depend at your marketing strategy and selling skills. We can divide selling ways into two parts:
  • Sell Ayurvedic Products Online
  • Sell Ayurvedic Products Offline

Sell Ayurvedic Products Online:

For selling ayurvedic products online, you need to have GST number and PAN card. You can sell ayurvedic products online through your own website/app or through already existing online B2C portals like Amazon, Flipcart, Healthcart etc.

Selling through already existing portals are good way to start selling own ayurvedic products online. These portals have huge traffic and customers. You can set-up your seller account at these portals at easy steps and can start selling ayurvedic products online.

If you want to sell ayurvedic products online through own website or app then you don’t need to worry about coding and technical knowledge. You can build your website/app from any website developers at very less cost i.e. 10-15 thousand and start selling online. You need to have basic knowledge of SEO and Digital marketing for it.

SEO (Search Engine optimization) is the term used for doing work to bring web page at good rank at search engine i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. It is process to increase website traffic quantity and quality through searches of web search engines.

Digital marketing is broad term for promoting and advertising through internet. It covers all free and paid tools available for internet marketing from SEO to Pay per Click and Facebook pages to Facebook sponsored ads etc. Few general ways of digital marketing are Blogging and Content Marketing, Use of Social Media Channels (Free and Paid Promotion) i.e. Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Youtube Channel, Linkedin Profile etc.

In both cases, whether you are selling your ayurvedic products online through already existing websites/app or you are setting up own website/app for online selling, you should acquire basic knowledge of internet and internet marketing.

Sell Ayurvedic Products Offline:

These are the tradition method and widely used for selling ayurvedic products. Few offline methods of selling ayurvedic products are:
  • Prescription Marketing
  • Distribution through retailers, chemist and pharmacies
  • Ayurvedic Franchise Business
  • Door to Door marketing
  • Direct selling / MLM marketing
  • Tele-marketing
  • Counter selling outside Yoga classic or park or crowded places
  • Ayurvedic Medical Store (Retail counter at good location)

Prescription Marketing:

Ayurvedic products have good volume of prescription sale. BAMS, BUMS, BSMS and other practitioners prescribe ayurvedic medicines to their patients. You can sell your ayurvedic medicines by convincing medical practitioners to prescribe your ayurvedic medicines to their patients.

For selling through prescription marketing, you need to make a list of ayurvedic medical practitioners and concentrate at them to sell your products.

Distribution through retailers, chemist and pharmacies:

Ayurvedic products are fall under over the counter products and can be sell without prescription of medical practitioner. Chemists and pharmacies sell lot of ayurvedic products and you can also sell ayurvedic products by distributing these to chemist and pharmacies available at your territory.

Ayurvedic Franchise Business:

Appoint of franchise partners are very effective and useful way to sell ayurvedic products at large scale. You can cover one or two territory only. If you want to cover more region then you will require to appoint a sales team and this will be costly project. You can appoint franchisees for ayurvedic products distribution or provide retail franchise opportunities at different locations and expand your business.

Door to Door Marketing:

Door to door marketing is one of the oldest ways for selling products. You can also sell you ayurvedic products by door to door marketing technique. Visiting a locality, campaigning, meet people, showcase product or run an awareness program, use of loud speakers, posters, stickers to describe own products and services etc come under door to door marketing.

Direct selling:

Direct selling is a selling technique to sell products without traditional retail establishment. In direct selling products is sold through social media, party plans, one on one demonstration, internet etc without retail establishment directly to consumer.

Direct selling generally works by two ways. One as single level marketing i.e. direct seller makes money by buying products from parent organisation and sell to directly to consumer. Second multi-level marketing, where direct seller also earn money from products sold by their sponsors or added sellers.

Ayurvedic products are very popular among direct sellers and you can sell your products through direct selling technique.


You can use your telephone for selling ayurvedic products. Cold calling, sms marketing or what’s app massages are few very common ways to sell ayurvedic product through tele-marketing.

Counter selling outside Yoga classic or park or crowded places:

There are lot of health products, juices and kada’s available in ayurvedic industry. You can sell by establishing a temporary or permanent counter at crowded places specially places related to health i.e. parks, yoga classes etc and sell your ayurvedic products there.

Ayurvedic Medical Store:

As demand of ayurvedic products are increasing, persons start to take interest in opening ayurvedic medicine medical store. You can set-up own ayurvedic medical store at prime location and stock all ayurvedic products in it.

Hope above information is helpful to you… 

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