Marketing tips for an Ayurvedic Manufacturing Unit?

We have an ayurvedic manufacturing unit since 18 years. We have a licence of 22 products includes pills, Syrup and churna. We lack in marketing strategy and are also ready to do job work for other.

An Ayurvedic manufacturing unit can market through following ways:

You can set-up your own marketing strategy depend upon which type of marketing type you choose. You can either choose a particular type of marketing or do all types of marketing simultaneously. Generally one type of marketing is most useful in long run because you have to concentrate at only one direction. But in starting when you are struggling to keep factory run for eight hours, you can accept any type of customer query you received.

In above mentioned marketing types, Franchise distribution, third party manufacturing and contract manufacturing clients, loan licensing clients could be find with same marketing strategy. You have to apply different marketing approach in case of direct sale (doctors, chemists) and online sale.

Different types of marketing strategies, we have discussed in our different articles. We have discussed about both offline and online tools in these articles. You can follow both or either of one. You can read these by clicking below mentioned links:

Every type of marketing strategy will take some time to show results. You need to be patience and continue your effort to get results.

Hope above information is useful to you...


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