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Know Your Ayurvedic Body Type & Boost Your Health

Do you know which your body type (Prakriti) is? You might know what the meanings of all type are, yet you might not be able to figure out which your body type actually is. In this article, I am going to help you to discover your Ayurvedic body type so that you can start making necessary lifestyle changes in order to balance your dosha. Your Ayurvedic body type could be responsible for your health issues. It is common to confuse your dosha with a food allergy or an illness, but taking note of the following symptoms can help determine your dosha and lead a healthier life as you balance your doshas. Have you ever heard of Ayurveda? For those who are not aware, Ayurveda is 5000 years old Indian tradition which originated from the combination of two words – “Ayur” meaning life and “Veda” meaning knowledge. The Ayurvedic healers believe that a person's physical and mental health is determined by their body type. They also believe that people can improve their health by balancing t

How to start Ayurvedic, Unani, Siddha manufacturing, marketing, distribution, online, retail business?

If you want to start ayurvedic business whether it is manufacturing distribution marketing or the retail then what type of licenses you require to start ayurvedic business including siddha and unani medicine

Today we are going to discuss about the topic if you want to start ayurvedic business whether manufacturing, retail, distribution or the marketing company then which type of licenses you require to start your business 

First we will start with the manufacturing if you want to start ayurvedic including siddha  and unani medicine manufacturing business then you will require to take manufacturing license from the ayush department. Every state has own ayush department and you have to apply there for taking manufacturing license. Check out: How to take ayush manufacturing license here

if we will talk about general general things for the manufacturing license 

1. You need 1200 sqft area for the premises for the manufacturing unit 

2. Other than this you will require two technical people. One will be either a BAMS doctors or pharmacy graduate or the ayurvedic pharmacist or allopathic pharmacist with certain year of experience for this. You will require this technical person is for the as a manufacturing chemist and if you will talk about the analytical chemist that may be a BSC chemistry a pharmacist and specific certain type of equivalent education like this 

3. Other than this the generals document you will require the rent agreement or the ownership proof machinery list, list of machinery, list of medicine you want to manufacture something like this 

Now we will discuss about if we want to start the distribution, marketing or retail of the ayurvedic medicine including siddha and unani medicine 

When we come to the sale and purchase, actually when we talk about the distribution, marketing and the retail business that is only the sale and purchase. You are getting goods from a manufacturer then you are either distributing, marketing or the retailing of that ayurvedic product including siddha and unani medicine that is only the sale or purchase of ayurvedic medicine 

When we come to the sale and purchase of the ayurvedic medicine then there is no requirement of any such type of drug license for selling ayurvedic unani and siddha medicine so when we come to the marketing, distribution, retail business of ayurvedic medicine including siddha and unani medicine then you will not require any type of drug license for this. For ayurvedic franchise distribution, you will also require same requirements

Because there is no such type of licensing mentioned in the drug and cosmetic act. All ayurvedic, unani and siddha medicine are covered under the drug and cosmetic act. 

You can do one thing, you can apply for fssai license or the registration for more security because when you go to sell the ayurvedic product online then now most of the online portals ask for the fssai license registration or ayush license in case you are the manufacturer of ayurvedic medicine

So when you start ayurvedic distribution, marketing and the retail business, you can start by taking fssai license or the registration and you can purchase from any valid authorized ayurvedic manufacturing unit and start your business. 

If you are retailer, you can purchase from the distributor. If you are distributor you can purchase from the ayurvedic marketing or the manufacturing company. 

In addition if you want to sell your ayurvedic product online then you will also require to have a GST number for this. Actually GST number is on turnover basis. If you have annual 40 lakh above turnover then GST number is compulsory but for online sale or the interstate sale, if you want to sell to the other state or online then the GST number is compulsory for any turnover of business.

So you need to take GST number also if you want to start online sale of your ayurvedic medicine including siddha and unani medicine.

Hope this information is helpful to you...



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