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Best site for online ayurvedic medicine

 Ayurvedic Medicines are becoming popular now a days and demand of ayurvedic products are booming. In era of internet, everyone want to purchase all products online included ayurvedic medicines. But in online space, one of the main problem faced by customers is authenticity and quality of ayurvedic medicines. There are lot of self claimed vaid/hakeem those try to manipulate customers and sell high mrp products without any authenticity and quality. There are also number of online seller who sell inferior products and products that aren't manufactured under a valid ayurvedic manufacturing license . Trust and authenticity is one of the greatest problem an online customer is facing now a days. Here we are describing best online site for purchasing ayurvedic medicines. Elzac Herbal India is one of the most trusted name and leading brand in Ayurvedic Industry. Elzac Herbals generally selling their products by appointing distributors across India but due to problem faced by customers rega

How to start up Ayurvedic Franchise company?

Ayurvedic Franchise Company:

First, we need to understand that which ayurvedic companies are known as Ayurvedic Franchise Companies. There are many ways to sell your ayurvedic products in India. Some ways to sell ayurvedic products are:
  • Digital Marketing
  • Selling through B2C portals
  • Selling through Social Media Portals
  • Prescription Marketing
  • Distribution through retailers, chemist and pharmacies
  • Ayurvedic Franchise Business
  • Door to Door marketing
  • Direct selling / MLM marketing
  • Tele-marketing
  • Counter selling outside Yoga classic or park or crowded places
  • Ayurvedic Medical Store (Retail counter at good location)

Ayurvedic Franchise Business is also one of the concepts of selling ayurvedic products. In this concept, an ayurvedic company provides marketing and distribution rights at monopoly basis to ayurvedic professionals i.e. ayurvedic distributors, marketing firms, doctors, ayurvedic sales professionals etc. Ayurvedic Companies those work by proving marketing and distribution rights are known as ayurvedic franchise companies.

How to start up Ayurvedic Company?

For setting up ayurvedic franchise company, you need to complete requirements for setting-up an ayurvedic company. You have two option while starting ayurvedic franchise company.
  • Ayurvedic Manufacturing Company
  • Ayurvedic Marketing Company

Ayurvedic Manufacturing Company: 

For starting ayurvedic manufacturing company, you need ayush manufacturing license from state ayush licensing authority. For taking ayush manufacturing license, you need to set-up plant and complete all requirements as we mentioned in our article: How to start ayurvedic manufacturing Company?

Check all requirements and procedure to set-up ayurvedic manufacturing company in our article link given above.

Ayurvedic Marketing Company: 

Starting ayurvedic marketing company is easy and less investment work. You need to register your company and take gst number for setting up ayurvedic marketing company. Read complete requirements and procedure for setting up Ayurvedic Marketing Company here 

How to Start up Ayurvedic Franchise Company?

Once you have set-up your own ayurvedic company either ayurvedic marketing company or ayurvedic manufacturing company, you need to prepare a product portfolio and fix prices for franchise and mrp of your products. These franchise rates are known as Net Rates. These can be inclusive of GST or excluding of GST.
Irrespective of ayurvedic companies selling products from other ways, an ayurvedic franchise companies require good number of products in their portfolio so they can attract franchise distributors.
An Ayurvedic Franchise Company require all promotional and marketing inputs so your franchise distributors can work better in market. You need to prepare all promotional and marketing inputs.
Now you are ready to become an ayurvedic franchise company and start providing Franchise and searching for ayurvedic franchise partners.

How to Search Ayurvedic Franchise Distributor for your Ayurvedic Franchise Company?

You can search franchise distributors by different ways. Either you can search franchise distributors through online tools i.e. digital marketing or through offline mediums i.e. traditional marketing.

Common ways for finding Ayurvedic Franchise Distributors are:
  • Build a website and Conduct SEO
  • Search Engine Paid Advertisement (Pay per Click)
  • Social Media Free Promotion and Paid Advertisement
  • Content marketing i.e. blogging, video (youtube/Instagram), podcast etc
  • Business to Business (B2B) Portals listing
  • Ayurvedic Books and Magazine advertisement
  • Newspaper advertisement
  • Travelling Sales man Technique
  • Trade Show/Expo/Business conferences and seminars
  • Electronic Media advertisement and much more 

Read in Detail about How to find Ayurvedic Franchise Distributors here

By following above mentioned techniques, you can find franchisees for your ayurvedic company and start-up ayurvedic franchise company.

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