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Asthisamharaka (Vitis quadrangularis): A Medicinal Plant with Promising Health Benefits and Therapeutic Potential

Introduction: Asthisamharaka (Vitis quadrangularis), also known as the Devil's Backbone or Hadjod, is a medicinal plant that has been widely used in traditional medicine systems for centuries. With its origins in India, this plant belongs to the Vitaceae family and is characterized by its unique four-angled stem. Hadjod holds significant importance in various cultures due to its potential health benefits and therapeutic properties. Its traditional use can be traced back to ancient Ayurvedic texts, where it is highly regarded for its ability to promote bone health and treat musculoskeletal disorders. Historically, Hadjod has been used as a natural remedy for fractures, bone loss, and joint-related conditions. In Ayurveda, it is classified as a 'Asthisandhaneeya' herb, meaning it has the potential to strengthen bones, promote fracture healing, and improve overall bone health. The plant's name, "Hadjod," is derived from the Hindi word "hadjod,"

Ayurvedic Product List

 Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that originated in India over 5,000 years ago. It is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit

Ayurvedic products are made from herbs and minerals and are used to treat a wide range of health conditions. The product list includes Ayurvedic medicines, powders, and tablets, herbal cosmetics, herbal teas, massage oils, and Ayurvedic supplements etc.

Ayurvedic products can be used for general health and wellness. These herbal products are used to treat a wide range of health conditions, from digestive problems to skin disorders, stress relief to weight loss etc.

With this comprehensive list of Ayurvedic products, you can find the right product for your specific health needs.

Gold (swarna yukt) Preparations

·        Ras Sanjiv Ras

·        Orthozac Pro Gold Tablets

Pain Management & Ortho Care

·        Dr Relax Capsule (10x10)

·        Dr Relax  Pain massage Oil ( 60 ML)

·        Orthozac (Suger - Free Syrup 200 ML)

·        Orthozac Gold Tablet (30Tablets)

·        Orthozac Gold Tablet (10x10)

·        Orthozac pro gold 30 tablets

·        Orthozac Capsules

·        Orthozac pain massage oil 60 ml

·        Orthozac pain massage oil 50 ml roll on pack

·        Vat nasak kwath 200 ml

·        Vat Nasak Kwath ( 450 ML)

Liver Care

·        Heptoliv Plus Capsules (30 Capsules)

·        Heptoliv Plus Tablet ( 1000Tab)

·        Heptoliv Plus (Suger-Free) 100 ML

·        Heptoliv Plus (Suger- Free) 200 ML

·        Heptoliv Plus Syrup (450 ML)

·        Elzym - L Syrup 200 ML

Enzyme & Digestive Medicines

·        Elzym Syrup 200 ml

·        Elzym Tablets 1000 Tab (Jaar)

·        Trikatu Syrup 200 ML

Cough & Cold

·        ELZ-Kuf Syrup 100 ML

·        ELZ-Kuf Syrup 450 ML

·        Elz-Kuf Oil

Antacid & Gas Herbs

·        Elcid Syrup 200 ML

·        Elcid Capsule (30 Cap)

·        Gasovit 170 ML Orange Flavour


·        Gasovit 170 ML Soaf Flavour


Stone Remover & Kidney Health

·        Elbas Syrup 200 ML

·        Shahi Gokhru Kada


·        Fire-UP Syrup 200 ML

Diarrhoea and Dysentery

·        Kurzac Parpati

Gas and Constipation Remedies

·        Elz-Fibe (Sugar Free/Orange Flavour-100GM)

·        Suruchi Churna

Female Health & Uterine Tonic

·        Utizac (Suger Free Syrup 200 ML)

·        Uvi-Tone Syrup (200 ML)

·        Women Sure capsules 10*10

·        Women Sure Syrup -450 ml

·        Utizac Intimate Wash (100 ML)


Blood Purifier & Skin Disease Remedies

·        ELZ-Pure Syrup 200 ML

·        Neem Plus 30 Tablets/60 Tablets

·        MSK Pure 450 ML

·        MSK Pure 30 Tab

Iron and calcium preparations

·        calcizac-I

·        feezac

Brain Tonic & Anti-Anxiety Medicines

·        Remind Syrup (Sugar Free) 200 ML

·        Remind Tablet (10X10)

Nervine Tonic

·        NuroZac Plus 200 ML

·        NuroZac Plus 450 ML

·        NuroZac Plus 30 capsules

Vigor & Vitality Products

·        Ashwashila Gold 200 ml

·        Dhatu Poshtik (500ML)

·        Dhatu Postik Powder

·        Rejuvenator Ayurvedic Power Capsule (3*1*10)

·        Rejuvenator Oil

Weigh Loss Products

·        Slimzac Syrup (200 ML)

·        Slimzac Tablet (30 Tablets)

Height & Weight Gainer

·        5 Nine Syrup 200 ML

Raktapitta Nasak

·        Raktpitt Nasak Gutika 60 Tablets


·        Pilzac (10x10)

Sugar Management and Anti Diabetic

·        Diabazac 450 ML

·        Diabazac (100GM)

·        Diabazac Tablet (10X10)

·        Karela Ras (500 ML)

Vinegar | Sirka

·        Apple Cider

·        Jamun Shirka- 500ml

Juices, Ras and Kadas

·        Aloevera Plus Kadha (500 ML)

·        Aloevera Juice (500ML)

·        Amla Plus Kwath (500 ml)

·        Giloy Plus Ras 500 ML

·        Noni Plus Kwath (500 ml)

·        Trifala Kada (500 ML)

Heart Care

·        DRIG HEART (500 ml)

Ear, Nose and Throat Care

·        Cure Tablet - 30 Tablets

Strength, Stamina & Ortho care Remedies

·        Ashvagandha Plus Tablet (10*10)

·        Balamrit 30TAB

Fever & Immunity Remedies

·        Gilzac-T 60Tab

·        Fevozac -170 ML

Asava and Arishta

·        Abhayarishta 450 ML

·        Amritarishta 450 ML

·        Arjunarishta-450 ML

·        Ashokarishta- 450ML

·        Ashwagandharishta 450 ml

·        Babbulyadharistha 450ML

·        Balaristha 450ML

·        Bharingrajasava 450 ML

·        Chandasava 450ML

·        Dashmularishta 450 ML

·        Drakshasava 450ML

·        Jeerakarishta 450 ML

·        Kanakasava 450 ML

·        Khadirarishta 450 ML

·        Kumariyasava 450 ml

·        Kutjaristha 450 ml

·        Lohasava 450 ml

·        Lodhrasava 450 ml

·        Maha Mjishtha Dharishta 450 ml

·        Maha Sudharashan Kada 450 ml

·        Maharasnadi-Kwath-450ml

·        Pantragasava 450 ml

·        Punarnavasava 450 ml

·        Sarivaghasava 450 ml

·        Sarshvtaristha 450 ml

·        Ushirasava 450 ml

·        Vasakasava 450 ml

·        Vidangaristha 450 ml

Classical Vati/tablets/capsules

·        Aamvatari Ras 40 tab

·        Arogya Vardhani Vati 60 tab

·        ArshKuthar Ras 30 tab

·        Chandra Prabha Vati 30 tab

·        Ekangvir Ras 40 tab

·        Gandhak Rasayan 40 tab

·        Giloy Ghan Vati 120 tab

·        Gokhruradi Vati 40 tab

·        Kamadugdha Ras 40 tab

·        Lakshmi Vilas Ras (Naridiy) 40 tab

·        Maha Yograj Guggul Vati 40 tab

·        Makardwaj Vati 40 tab

·        Prabhakar Vati 40 tab

·        Praval Panchamrit Ras 40 tab

·        Punarnavadi Mandur 40 tab

·        Shank Vati 40 tab

·        Shilajit Capsule 30 capsules

·        Shingnad Guggulu 40 tab

·        Soot Sekhar Ras 40 tab

·        Trifala Guggulu 40 tab

Classical Churna/powder

·        Avipattikar Churna-60gm

·        Aswagandhi Churna 100 gm

·        Hingwastak Churna-60gm

·        Lavan Bhaskar Churna-60gm

·        Moosali Pak

·        Mukta Sukti Pisti Powder 10 gm

·        Panchasakar Churna 60 gm

·        Shank Bhasma 10 gm

·        Sitopaladi Churna-60gm

·        Supari Pak-100gm

·        Triphala Churna-100gm

Classical oil

·        Maha Narayana Oil 60 ml


Chyawanprash 500 gm/1 kg

Personal Care & Cosmetics

·        Nenel hair Oil

·        Nenel facewash

·        Nenel Aloevera Gel

·        Nenel Hand Wash

·        Nenel Moisturizing Lotion

·        Nenel Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

·        Nenel Hair Serum

·        Nenel Onion Shampoo-200 ML

·        Nenel Onion Oil-100ml

·        Nenel Hair Tablets

·        Nenel Hair Syrup

·        Nenel Fuming Face Wash

Ayurvedic Supplements

·        Retake Syrup 200 ML

·        Retake Cap 30 Cap

·        Saptras Vati 60 Tab

·        Elz- Pro Plus 200 GM

·        Elzthistle (30 Tablets)


·        Pamaru Syrup 300 ML

Multi vitamin, Multi Minerals Food Supplements

·        Folizac-D 10*10

·        Gasovit-Plus 10*10

·        Lycobank 10*10

·        Lycobank 200 ml

·        Suncal D3 4*1*10 softgel

·        Q-Bank Plus soft gel capsules

·        OMG Bank

·        Curzac-LP Capsule(10*10)

Platelet Boosters

·        Plat Pill Syrup 200 ml

·        Plat Pill Pro Tablets (6X1X15)

Immunity Booster

·        Panch Tulsi Drop 30 ML

Download complete ayurvedic product list in pdf format here

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The information provided here is for informational purposes only and should not replace professional medical advice. Always consult a qualified healthcare practitioner for personalized guidance.

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